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  • Minecraft Live 2021

    Minecraft Live 2021 October 16, Noon EDT!

    Minecraft Live is back! Are you ready to witness the next update reveal in Quadramorphic Endervision? Are you prepared to hear exciting news through our Pillager Raid-eo digital audio system? Will your device handle the mob vote beaming through the state-of-the-art B.E.A.C.O.N broadcasting system? You have until October 16, Noon EDT to get ready to watch the most epic livestream of the year right here on our YouTube channel! Read more at

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    Interesting...I hope there will be something new and exciting. In general, always loved this game including the fact that even calculator could pull it =) just because it weighs little, and that's great! As a simulator, I haven't found a decent alternative. Plus it's a great sandbox, you're literally god here, and you can do anything you want. It's clear why this`s the best-selling game in the world. I believe even my great-grandchildren`ll play it) Besides, I found a good site with Minecraft Server List. –źdvise anyone who hasn't tried it yet - it's a wonderful thing!
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      some more new years stuff I so wish we had puppers in Java now!