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Around the Minecraft World in 80 Biomes Series

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  • Around the Minecraft World in 80 Biomes Series

    Episode 1:

    Minecraft is under attack! A disgruntled ex-Mojang Studios employee has added Mobbo, the worst mob ever, to Minecraft and now the game is DOOMED. Or is it? Yeah, probably. But we’ve still sent in two ‘heroes’ to try and save the game! Can they save Minecraft? Can YOU learn shocking design secrets of our biomes while watching their adventures? Can this show get ratings as consistent as ‘How We Make Minecraft’ did? Boy, we hope so.

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    Episode 2 just dropped

    Minecraft’s deserts are in danger! Can our heroes save these desolate wastelands from becoming… er, something worse than a desolate wasteland? Discover why Minecraft’s deserts are so barren, a sinister new theme park, and who’s getting game over’d at the end of the episode in a pathetic attempt to get the ratings up.


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      Episode 3:

      Minecraft’s beloved protagonist Steve has been Game Over’d! But who Game Over’d him? Find out in the epic mystery of Episode 3 of Around the Minecraft World in 80 Biomes, where a woodland mansion full of suspects will be narrowed down to one cold-blooded Steve-slayer! Plus, discover the origins of Woodland Mansions AND… no, that’s pretty much it. But what an it it is!


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        Episode 4:

        Boss mobs! They’re everyone’s, er, ‘favorite’ part of Minecraft! Discover the design decisions behind the boss mobs that defend the different biomes, as our heroes try to recruit an army to save Minecraft. Will they succeed? No spoilers here, you’ll have to watch Episode 4 of Around the Minecraft World in 80 Biomes to find out! (also we can’t remember)


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          Episode 5 is upon us....

          Minecraft is done. Long live Mobbocraft! Can our heroes save Minecraft from this terrible fate in their FINAL adventure? Will they at last explore eighty biomes like we promised? Find out the answer to those very questions in the last ever Around the Minecraft World in 80 Biomes. So long!