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Super Duper Graphics, cross-platform play and more!

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  • Super Duper Graphics, cross-platform play and more!

    This Summer, we’re bringing you a whole new bunch of ways to play Minecraft! We’re releasing a new update for consoles, which brings players together across mobile, console and Windows 10. This means you can play Minecraft on any device, whenever and wherever you’d like! Also this summer, players will be able to join millions of new people from all over the world when we add servers directly to the game. Access a multitude of fun online communities from within Minecraft, safely and securely. And that’s not all! This Autumn, players will be able to explore endless worlds, rendered in stunning 4k HDR with the Super Duper Graphics pack. Shiny!

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    Didn't know its gonna be a DLC :/

    Brad Shuber and Cameron Egbert talk about some of the cool whizzy graphics contained in the upcoming Super Duper Graphics Pack DLC.