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1.12 Stats display function

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  • 1.12 Stats display function

    The stats screen can be shown with "/trigger Stats set 1". It displays your username, followed by total play time, kills, deaths, K/D ratio, time since last death, and level. All of these will only begin counting when you install it into your world, so to get more accurate information check your statistics tab, and then use the following commands to edit the stats value:
    • total play time: /scoreboard players set <username> totalhours <# of hours>
    • kills: /scoreboard players set <username> Kills <# of kills>
    • deaths: /scoreboard players set <username> Deaths <# of deaths>
    • K/D ratio: automatically calculates
    • time since last death: /scoreboard players set <username> deathmin <# of minutes>
    • level: automatically calculates

    These will all need to update one time in-game before they display correctly.

    Time to see how often you die x10power when we update to the new version!