Really liking the changes in 18w10a

Changes in 18w10a

  • Added buried treasure
  • Added tropical fish
  • Added underwater ambience sounds
  • Added ability to put markers on maps
  • Added coral plants
  • Changed phantom model and texture
  • Changes to phantom behaviour
  • Changed coral texture
  • Underwater visibility now changes per biome
Changes in 18w10b

  • Added dead coral for each coral variant
  • Added a non-dyed shulker box (and made the purple shulker box purple)
  • Added more underwater ambience sounds
  • Added tropical fish sounds
Changes in 18w10c

  • Phantoms are now considered undead
  • New water physics! Kinda.
Changes in 18w10d

  • Allow more blocks to have water in them
  • Water no longer goes through solid faces
  • Coral now generates naturally
  • Big optimization to how clouds are rendered
  • Phantoms now burn in sunlight
  • You can now undye shulker boxes in a cauldron
Water physics

Oops, we spilled a bit.
  • You can place water in the following blocks: stairs, slabs, fences, walls, iron bars, glass panes, chests, trap doors, ladders, signs
  • Water can flow out these blocks, but can not flow into them
  • When full of water, they will count as water blocks for all gameplay (such as swimming)
  • This isn't final and more blocks may contain water in the future
  • Water will not flow through solid faces (such as backs of stairs)
  • We have removed the blocks flowing_water and flowing_lava
  • We have removed the block tags water_hacked and waterlogged
  • All of the above blocks now have a state waterlogged
  • Blocks such as bubble column or kelp will always count as a water source
Buried Treasure

We found this cool stuff! Let's hide it.
  • Can be found... somewhere?
  • Maps found in Underwater Ruins can lead you to them
  • Will contain a very cool treasure... which isn't added yet
Tropical Fish

We found nemo! And all his friends!
  • They come in many colours!
  • They come in many patterns!
  • Like other fish, you can catch them up in a bucket
  • You can find them in warm and lukewarm oceans
Map markers

You are here. Or there. I'm not sure, it's somewhere here.
  • Right click on a banner with a map to add it to the map
  • Right click on the same banner again to remove it
  • That map will show the colour of the banner at that spot
  • Named banners will show their name on the map too
  • If a banner is destroyed, it'll disappear when you get close and are holding the map

"Less derpy" - Jeb
  • Now despawn during the day
  • No longer spawn in The End
  • They have a new model! And texture! Pretty neat.
Fixed bugs in 18w10d

  • MC-126912 - Flowing water can create source blocks
  • MC-126914 - Sponge deletes waterlogged blocks
  • MC-126920 - Water does not flow down blocks properly
  • MC-126927 - Waterlogged water goes through Stairs
  • MC-126936 - Fishing bobber sinking as soon as it is cast
  • MC-126944 - Boats sink in water