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  • Caves & Cliffs Special Series

    I seriously can't wait for the map reset when the new cave update is live!

    Join Alexander and Brandon for a special look at the blocks in Part 1 of the Caves & Cliffs Update! They give us a sneak peek at the Powder Snow block and the Big dripleaf block, look at the different uses of copper, and walk us through some of the changes to the caves and ores. Which blocks are you excited about?

    Join Cory, Chi, and Nir for a closer look at the mobs that are joining Minecraft in the Caves & Cliffs update! Learn about the work that went into the goat jumping mechanic, get the backstory on the endangered axolotl Easter egg, and discover ways to craft with glow ink sacks. You think that’s a lot of information? Well, it’s because we ask a lot’l questions!

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    some more new mobs

    Join Brandon and Nir for a look at the mobs that are joining Minecraft in Caves & Cliffs: Part I. Discover where axolotls, glow squid, and goats will spawn, how they interact with other mobs and blocks, and what a goat’s scream sounds like!


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      Another one out and I really can't wait for these mountains on our new world

      Agnes and Alex are here with answers about the Caves & Cliffs Update, specifically about the Part I and Part II split. Find out when each part will be released, what you can expect from Part II, and a little look at what we have planned after Caves & Cliffs!