/towny ?

Creating a Town:
Initial Cost: 5000g
Upkeep: 500g/day
/town new townname : Start a new town (ex: /town new Awesome_Town, _ is the placeholder for a space)
/town : Once founded, this will show you an information panel about your town.
Mayor Commands:
/town add membername : Used to invite new members, member should receive a request which they have to accept.
/town kick membername : Used to remove a member of your town.
/town claim : Claim new chunks for your town, Each town starts with 8 + an additional 8 for each member.
/town claim # : Claim as many chunks as possible in a radius around the chunk you’re standing on.
/town claim outpost : Claim an outpost for your town, These cost 500g to found but do not have to be attached to your other town claims.
/town unclaim all : Unclaim all townblocks
/town unclaim # : Unclaim radius #.
/town deposit # : In order to claim you need money in your town bank, deposit with this command, Anyone can deposit into the town bank.
/town withdraw # : Only the mayor can withdraw funds from the town bank.
/town buy bonus # : Towns may purchase up to 48 additional bonus claimblocks. They start at 500 and increase by 15% with each purchase.
/town delete : Delete your town, this is permanent.
/town rank add playername rankname : Add a player to a certain rank.
/town rank remove playername rankname : Remove a player from a certain rank.
Town Set Commands: The following commands are settings the mayor can set, they all start with /town set
board message : Set the message that will be seen by residents when they log in.
mayor resident : Set the mayor to another resident.
homeblock : Set the homeblock and spawn of your town.
spawn : Set the spawn location of /town spawn.
name newname : Change the name of your town to something else.
outpost : Set a townblock as an outpost.
tag tagname : Set the abbreviation for your town, may use up to 4 characters.
taxes amount : Set the taxes that will be collected from each resident per day.
Plots: A townblock designated by the mayor to be owned by a certain resident of the town.
plottax amount : Set the amount a resident will pay per day, per plot they own.
plotprice amount : Set a default cost of buying a plot in the town.
Embassy: A townblock similar to a plot but may be purchased by a non-resident of the town.
embassyprice amount : Set the default cost of an embassy plot in the town.
embassytax amount : Set the amount the owner of an embassy plot will pay per day.
Jail plots:
/plot set Jail : Set a jail plot.
/town set jail : Assign the default jail plot.
/town set jail on/off : Enable/disable permissions all together. Tip: Don’t give build/destroy permissions to users in your jail.
[friend/ally/outsider] [on/off] : Turns perms on/off for a certain group.
[build/destroy/switch/itemuse] [on/off] : Turns perms on/off for certain actions.
[friend/ally/outsider] [build/destroy/switch/itemuse] [on/off] : Allows toggling certain actions only in specific groups.
Toggle: Toggle certain settings within town boundaries (/town set toggle command)
explosions : Already disabled globally, not-needed.
fire : Already disabled globally, not-needed.
mobs : Forced to on. No disabling mobs, sorry.
public : Allows anyone to use /town spawn yourtown, Also shows coordinates on the town info screen.
pvp : Can be used to disable PvP and friendly fire inside town, disabled during war.
taxpercent : Switches town from flat-rate tax to percentage. Max: 25%
open : Allows anyone to join your town without being invited first.
Resident Commands: For anyone not a mayor.
/resident ? : List all resident commands.
/resident : Shows you a resident information panel
/resident friend add resident : Add an online users to your friends list.
/resident friend add+ resident : Add an offline users to your friends list.
/resident friend remove resident : Add an online user from your friends list.
/resident friend remove+ resident resident : Remove an offline users from your friends list.
/resident friend clearlist : Remove all friends from your friends list.
/resident list : Lists all current residents.
/resident jail paybail : Allows a user to get out of jail by paying the bail to the town owning the jail.
/resident toggle : Allows toggling of the following settings
map : toggle the towny map to automatically update as you move around.
townclaim : Allows a resident to autoclaim as they move.
plotborder : Turns on plot-border view
reset : Set everything back to default.
/resident tax : Shows taxes that a player pays.
Resident-Owned plots:
/resident set perm : Allows setting of the following settings
On/off : Enable/disable permissions all together. Warning: If set to on will allow outsiders to alter your plots and access your chests.
[friend/ally/outsider] [on/off] : Turns perms on/off for a certain group.
[build/destroy/switch/itemuse] [on/off] : Turns perms on/off for certain actions.
[friend/ally/outsider] [build/destroy/switch/itemuse] [on/off] : Allows toggling certain actions only in specific groups.
/resident set perm friend on : Will allow people on your friends list to have full access to your plot.
/resident set perm outsider switch on : Would allow outsiders to have switch-access (Buttons, switches) on plots that you own.
/resident set friend build on, /resident set friend destroy off : Would allow friends to build but not destroy on your plots.
Plot Commands: Nations:

Jobs Reborn
/jobs ? : You may hold 2 jobs at any given time. Leaving a job will lose 30% overall experience. Having two at once makes you level each a little slower.

/jobs browse : Show a GUI with the available jobs, Left-Click for info, Right-Click to join.
/jobs join jobname : Join a job using the command instead of the GUI.
/jobs info jobname : See payment/exp information for a certain job.
/jobs stats : Show your exp/levels for your 2 current jobs.
/jobs leave jobname : Leave a job.
/jobs leaveall : Leave both jobs at once.

The current limit is 5 shops per user.

Create shop:
It costs 100g to create a chest-shop, place a chest down where you want to buy/sell an item from.
While holding the item you want to sell in your hand,
Type: /shop create <amountToSell> <buy-price> <sell-price>
Click on the empty-chest, it should transform into a chest-shop.
Note: Set the buy-price or sell-price to 0 (zero) to disable buying or selling of that item.
Stock the chest with items, If you’re buying as well be sure to leave some room!

To remove a shop
Type: /shop remove
Click on the chest-shop to remove the shop.

Use Shops:
Left-Click to sell items to a shop
Right-Click to buy items from a shop

Useful Stuff

Other commands:
/mh achievements : Show your mob-hunting achievements, completing these will earn you gold.
/spawn : Added a spawn command to teleport to the survival spawn, this will cost 100g per use.

Examples can be found here:

While holding a piece of coal right-click on redstone-dust to see how much power it’s receiving at that point, useful for determining when you need to add a repeater or torch.

Two signs on the SAME X,Z coordinate can be used to create a lift between any Y distance.
On the second line of a blank sign put [Lift Down] on the top sign, [Lift Up] on the bottom one.
Right-click the sign to travel between the two floors.

Up to a maximum of 5-blocks wide, 30 blocks long.
Place a sign on each end of the bridge, on the second line write: [Bridge]
Right click to activate/deactivate the bridge.

Maximum width: 14-blocks.
Build a gate using any kind of fence.
Place a sign nearby, on the second line write: [Gate]

Will be adding more to this as I get around to it, I might format this to make it easier to read... I might not.

Please let me know of any permissions issues or commands that don't work properly.