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  • Not Sure If Suggestions Should Go Here

    I've been playing on the Lzuruha server for some time now, on and off for a while and I've noticed a few things with the SMP world. Not sure if I should address these issues in this forum but here we go.
    1) For some reason I can't use /spawn to get back to spawn, even for 100 coins/gold.
    2) If I go away from my house, if I don't have a town set up yet (I can't afford it), there's no way for me to get back home because I can't /sethome or anything.
    3) Last time I was online, (before yesterday) there was a limit on how many chests I could lock (5 or around there) and I feel like that's not really enough.

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    More info: when I try to do /spawn it says

    "InsufficientPermissionException: You do not have permission to use the pinfo function.
    <<main code>>:aliases.msa:21


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      This is the correct area, thank you, I'm forwarding this to eXitium


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        freezinger I'll have to do some more testing on the spawn and home settings, When I set it up it worked for me and a few others.. I did change a few things if you want to try it again.

        I upped protections for now, in the future it may get lowered again if/when we change the setup of the server to be less 'safe'.