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  • White-list request

    Minecraft ID: zooperz
    requesting access to a vanilla server?
    I used to be whitelisted two years ago, but I stopped playing due to school starting up, and I have just now gotten the urge to play minecraft again.I'm sorry if there is a current whitelist appeal, but the two i saw, were:
    The one I originally was accepted on, from two years ago, no longer accepting posts, and one from last year, also not accepting any posts.
    I do apologize if there is a new one i had not seen.
    The info on the LZH servers seems to be... disorganized. In minecraft, It says the server is on 1.12.2; but i can't find any informaion on it, only a 1.7.10 modded server, and (presumably) outdated posts on 1.8 and 1.10 servers.

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    We'll be resetting the server with 1.13 soon and yes its outdated right now. Stay tuned on our Discord server as it should be up this week!


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      Nice! Thank you!


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        Tuesday at the latest it should be refreshed on 1.13. Hes doing the MC and ARK server updates then since hes adding a lot to ARK coming up.