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Dates and FAQ for Role Queue and 2-2-2

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  • Dates and FAQ for Role Queue and 2-2-2

    Dates and FAQ for Role Queue and 2-2-2

    Important Dates
    • Role Queue PTR Testing: July 18th - ~August 13th
    • Two-week Role Queue Beta Season on the Live Servers: August 13th to September 1st
    • Competitive Season 18 Start Date: September 1st

    • Will Quick Play also follow 2-2-2?
    • Yes, Quick Play will also have both role queue and role lock. There will be a "Classic" Quick Play mode available in the Arcade.
    • Will MMR be reset?
    • No, there will not be an MMR reset, as per Jeff on Seagull's stream. Blizzard has been tracking role MMR for a few months, and it has an idea of where you are at.
    • Why is my SR all over the place on the PTR?
    • Because it's the PTR. A new system and less players to test with than on live servers means placements and SR gains/loses are going to be inconsistent as things get worked out. Be patient!
    • Will my progress be moved over to live servers when it gets released?
    • No, nothing is transferred to live servers.