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  • My Concept Challenge Submission

    Sooo, I entered a god concept challenge. What do you guys think?

    So, yes, i know we have Kukulkan, but Apophis is like, the greatest villain of Egyptian myth and we haven't even bothered to touch him. This is also my entry in the God concept challenge for executes.

    Title: Snake of Chaos
    Class: Assassin
    Pantheon: Egyptian
    Type: Magical, Melee
    Pros: High Area Damage, High Mobility
    Cons: Low Defense, Low Sustain

    Passive: Balance of Ma'at

    When Apophis deals damage to enemies, the balance of Ma'at (Order) and Isfet (Chaos) is unbalanced, favoring Isfet and giving Apophis additional protections and damage scaling. When Apophis is damaged, Ma'at increases and restores balance, removing the buffs after being dealt damage a certain number of times.

    First: Constrict (line)
    Apophis dashes forward and wraps his body around the first enemy god he meets, stunning them, dealing damage, and giving them a slow for 2s.

    Second: Poison Strike (cone)
    Apophis strikes the area in front of him, striking all enemy minions and gods and applies a poison that deals continuous damage for 5s

    Third: Serpent's Bite (cone)
    Apophis bites all enemies in front of them, dealing damage and applying a poison that deals continuous damage for 3s

    Ultimate: Swallow the Sun (circle)
    Legend states that one day Apophis will swallow the sun and plunge the world into darkness. Apophis lunges forward and swallows the all enemy gods within range, executing them if their health is below a 25% threshold, otherwise dealing massive damage. If an enemy god is killed this way, the balance of Ma'at is destroyed, increasing Apophis's passive to maximum potential.

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    Works out perfect since they have his mom + brother Ra already in the game


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      Very interesting god concept, it would be interest if his ult blinded enemy gods, since there is currently only one blind in the game.