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  • Mercury Build Guide 3.11

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    Conquest -

    This build is the one I follow in ranked conquest with some little deviation here and there. It allows you to quickly come online with a massive power spike allowing you to do massive damage early game. There is no hard from of penetration in this build, most of your penetration on tanker targets will come from Stone Cutting Sword. Objective push is still high from this build due to the large amount of power it has and Mercury's attack speed stim Maximum Velocity. Damage to carries is extremely high and allows you to 2-4 shot them.

    I never recommend buying a power pot on Mercury because he does not benefit as highly from it as other assassins do, instead you want to rush his core items as fast as possible.

    I buy 3 health and 3 mana potions, you can buy less a but I tend to be a more aggressive player so I tend to get more. I am usually more inclined to buy purification, but if there team is not CC heavy I will buy sprint for the extra damage.

    Duel -

    Mercury in Duel can be extremely powerful early and late game, I build him to take advantage of his passive and amazing push potential.

    The Start -

    Throwing Dagger - This item allows Mercury to compete with other gods clear and upgrades to Golden Bow, an extremely powerful item for Mercury.

    2 Health Potions and 1 Mana - Fairly simple to explain, his main ability "Made you look" only cost 50 mana with no increase so you won't be burning through his mana pool very quickly, and you need extra health potions to trade more effectively with ranged characters.

    Relic - This is highly situational on the god match-up, I tend to get sprint for the power increase to secure a first blood if the enemy god has no CC, or has CC that I feel doesnt have a large enough impact to warrant beads before level 12. Either way sprint is almost a must have on this god, as many counter builds to Mercury include slow effect items.

    Core Items -

    Golden Bow - This item provide Mercury with more then competitive clear and is a major power spike for early fights, the reason this item is so efficient is because of its movement speed, 8% adding more power because of his passive, and its 50 power, effectively giving him 57 power, + sprint giving him 97, that's A-LOT of early game damage!

    Warrior Tabi - A standard item on most physical characters, not to much to say besides that the movement speed on this item gives Mercury 16 more power, coupled with Golden Bow 113 power before 5 minutes is massive.

    Soul Eater - This item gives power (9), lifesteal, attack speed, and a burst heal at low HP. Making it highly efficient once fully stacked, which is fairly easy when you have an entire lane to yourself.

    Defense - This item slot can be filled with any manner of defensive items, it is highly dependent on what the match up is, for this guide I included Hide of the Nemean Lion, as the most popular gods in Duel are Hunters, although if you find yourself fighting a more ability based physical god Breastplate of Valor or Stone Cutting Sword could be more efficient. As for magical defense, there is one king item in duel, that being Bulwark of Hope, pairing this item with Soul Eater gives you a massive health pool against magical characters.

    Wind Demon - This item gives 40 power base and 58 once its passive has been activated with Mercury, it also gives Attack speed as well. With 20 percent crit chance this item will activate multiple times during a fight acting as a mini steroid while you battle.

    Titans Bane - This penetration item is most efficient in duel due to its high objective penetration and God penetration. You will not need to build more pen than this.

    Mercury Mechanics Guide -
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