Console Summer 2018 Finals LAN

Available to watch on these platforms: Twitch, YouTube, Mixer
The Competitors

Team RivaL
Solo Predators
Jungle Rapio
Mid RvL Fly
Support Dineohsaw
Hunter VaporishCoast0

Astral Authority
Solo MOR Wolves
Jungle LayersOD
Mid oBoronic
Support Inbowned
Hunter Cyprexa

Team Revenge
Solo Gnome
Jungle ReformedMang0
Mid LingXiaoWho
Support YRNGino
Hunter ZuenMushh

Flash Point
Solo delnyy
Jungle The Jumpahhh
Mid Panda Mid
Support Matt Koiz
Hunter Michael Checo

Both days begin playing games at 11:00 AM EDT!!!

Saturday, July 21
Match 1 Team RivaL 2-0 Flash Point
Match 2 Astral Authority 2-0 Revenge
Match 3 Flash Point 2-0 Revenge
Match 4 RivaL 2-0 Astral Authority

Sunday, July 22

Match 5 Flash Point 0-0 Astral Authority
Match 6 RivaL 0-0 Winner of Match 5
Match 7 Winner of Match 6 0-0 Loser of Match 6 (if necessary)