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ChibiSRL cheating with action replay in Paper Mario: TTYD

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  • ChibiSRL cheating with action replay in Paper Mario: TTYD

    Seems another runner falls due to cheating. ChibiSRL was recently caught using action replay in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Chibi has taken part in SGDQ/AGDQ in other games before so this is sad to see. He did a race in SGDQ 2014... Anywho they're asking for his head all over reddit and want a full ban from speed running although I don't know how they think they will regulate that.

    Reddit Post:

    Enough is enough and we have to call out Chibi. We have proof of him using some form of a levitate cheat code in order to perfectly execute the Yoshi Skip/Minor League Skip trick. I have screenshots and frame data that shows that his jump height is higher than what is actually capable in the game.


    Take a look here: or here

    Skip to 5:31:42 - Notice when he performs the double jump, he has no emotional response whatsoever. Typically, the frame perfect trick would elicit a response.


    Chibi performs a double jump and lands on the platform without using a spin jump after the second jump. This is only possible, based off of my testing in Dolphin, if you reach the maximum possible jump height off of the first jump. Therefore, he used some form of a jump height modifier.


    He admitted to it.


    He then lied again and admitted to lying again.
    He admits on twitter of the cheating after caught:

    Click image for larger version

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    Cheating is starting to become an issue in the speed run world. dat e-fame.


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      Cheating has always been a thing since eons ago. I'm not defending him, cheating is dumb to begin with. Making a fuss over him is probably overkill now, best to just ban him from X community. He'll never be looked at the same way, much like GoronGuy. People also have cheated in races like Alexsm64 (though people cheating in races seems more common). There was a hilarious case once upon a time there was a megaman race and the guy was using savestates and claiming he wasn't.

      I think the big problem isn't so much of him cheating, but rather him running away from the problem hence him deleting his twitter. I almost feel like he's just wanting more attention and this was literally the dumbest way to do that. Because it seemed like he was doing it to give Almo shit for no reason (saying Almo needed to take notes, etc).

      Like I said though, cheating is dumb no matter what.

      EDIT: I think he deleted his twitch too?
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        He did delete his twitch and twitter but has reactivated it since about 2AM EST. I agree they should just dish the punishment and move on but people are so cut throat and love to see a train wreck. His entire chat yesterday was just cheater spam and legitimate speed runners stooped low demanding play by play what was going through his head when he went through with it, it was beating a dead horse pretty much.

        Why does it always seem crap all comes to a head when GDQ games are announced haha. I don't even want to get into that Mike drama.


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          Yeah that was awkward last night in his stream with WilkoSC2. I don't really understand their whole set up so I'm not even paying attention to it... As you guys said its beating a dead horse and it is overkill.

          He wasnt the first cheater nd won't be the last one. Just the flavor of the month atm.


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            Dangerless You say overkill? They're threatening his life and swats now...

            People have threatened to SWAT him. He's already had his location and phone numbers leaked, as well as his Facebook and relatives' home addresses. This has gone too far. I don't regret catching him for cheating in order to keep speedrunning fair, but I dislike the negative actions that have occurred recently.