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Mario Wings to the Sky - 0x A Presses

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  • Mario Wings to the Sky - 0x A Presses

    I collect the star Mario Wings to the Sky in Bob-omb Battlefield using 0 A presses.

    This video is an improvement from my previous video in which I collected this star using 1 A press. You can find that video here: At that time, I believed it to be infeasible to use a goomba staircase to reach the secrets, because the number of goombas required was exponential in terms of the number of bounces. However, since then, I developed two new goomba structures: the goomba cluster and the goomba oasis, described as follows:

    The goomba cluster is a group of goombas released at a single HOLP, but at different angles. This causes the goombas to be in slightly different positions, meaning that each of their hitboxes can be accessed with precise enough positioning. Consequently, the required number of goombas for a staircase dropped from exponential to quadratic.

    The goomba oasis is a group of goombas released via transport cloning using a single HOLP. Transport cloning causes the goomba clone to end up midway between the interaction point and the HOLP. Since the goomba interaction may occur anywhere within a roughly circular region surrounding the goomba triplet, this means goomba clones can be released anywhere within a roughly circular region of half that radius midway between the goomba triplet and the HOLP. Here is a diagram to illustrate:,hoh71Mr,8Q22.... This allows the freedom to place multiple goomba clones in various positions in a difficult-to-reach area, and this was pivotal for collecting both secrets in one go.

    Here is a play-by-play of what I do. First, I create goomba staircase up to a particular point above the floating island, and place the HOLP there. Then, I exit and reenter the course to reset the goombas (but the HOLP placement will stay). Next, I use shell hyper speed to collect the lowest three secrets. Then, I create a goomba oasis between the fourth and fifth secrets. Finally, I create a second goomba staircase up to the oasis, and then ride both the staircase and oasis to collect the last two secrets in one go, and lastly collect the star.

    Picture of my calculations:,hoh71Mr,8Q22...
    Picture of my setup for TASing:,hoh71Mr,8Q22...

    .m64 stats:
    Length: 56 minutes and 44 seconds
    Re-records: 15828
    Frames: 204231 (97650 input)
    Time to Make: ~55 hours

    The song I used was Nighthawk919's remix of the Bob-omb Battlefield theme, which can be found at:

    ABC Playlist:
    ABC Routes:
    Thought it was pretty neat so sharing it.