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theblazejp trials submission for sgdq 2016

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  • theblazejp trials submission for sgdq 2016

    The sanic level is... lol xD.... I think he'll get in over the normal original play.

    00:00 World of [GDQ/Gaming] Pixels
    02:07 Super Mario Maker Meets Trials
    04:04 Gotta Go Fast
    05:32 Bandicoot Peak
    07:38 "Didn't you know? Spartans never die"
    10:06 Rayman Takes Flight (Inferno 4 Extreme)
    14:00 Diving in to some FMX
    16:20 Slumdog Millionaire meets Twitch Chat
    21:04 Super Meat B.. Trials
    22:22 Impossible Stairs
    24:08 T.R.I.A.L.S Hawk Pro Skater 2
    27:01 Retro Gaming 8 Bit Action
    28:41 Rayman "Won't be Back"
    31:34 Dr.Robotnik and Eggmans Awesome Adventure

    -----[There will be 12 more minutes of content added above]--

    --------------------[Beginning Ninja Difficulty Tracks]----------------------

    34:39 Minecraft Ninja Techniques
    35:45 Ninja Mario Techniques
    37:45 Explanation of more Ninja Tracks to come.
    And Dragon Themed Track GDQ Submission