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    Rough translation says:

    The best players KT Rolster Lee, Young - Ho drew a stroke in sport has announced his retirement.

    KT Rolls-Tur one days press release said the franchise star and a legend Lee Young - Ho agreement with the Korea e-Sports dwaeteum through the exit. Lee, Young - Ho took the final period on a pro-gamer life that lasts about nine years from 2007.

    StarCraft: Brood War kkophyeotdeon Lee, Young - Ho is a leading player in the (less than 1 star) was not fully fit and I turned back to the StarCraft 2 (2 stars or less). In meokdeut 1 star Bob Lee, Young - Ho had won the final stage did not step on this star 2 once in the domestic league regular individuals. Lee, Young - Ho fans will not be disappointed in the situation of interest for the StarCraft 2 meters judgment, seems determined to retire.

    2006 trainee as Pantech & Curitel Lee, Young - Ho who is enrolled in geimdan was the final year in 2007 formally joined gamers to KT. Lee, Young - Ho is a three star after winning the league record for youngest three MSL championship and set a personal record league win most.

    Private leagues, as well as professional leagues in the worthiness of Lee Young - Ho has issued an light. Retaining the best player win this team, but gave KT did not take up once won the Pro League. Lee, Young - Ho continues to occupy the daseungwang in the professional league, and gained the nickname 'final stage'.

    After you have turned triumphantly different from those in the Star 2 Star 1 it did not show the same appearance as before. Lee, Young - Ho has also attracted fans who raise interest in Starcraft 2, but hardly hoped for revival of Lee Young - Ho was forced to finally decide to retire.

    Retirement news of Lee Young - Ho can only come as a shock to the fans. 'Ssang taekbaeng' Lee Young - Ho was the only retirement of the players who are active in active in Korea is because of the closure means of the "Ssang taekbaeng era.

    Lee, Young - Ho is "thanks to the generous love gave fans the meantime Dear sincere" and "I was happy for a period of 8 years professional gamers away.I'm watching you.You We continue to support the e-sports and loving heart," he said.
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    e스포츠에 한 획을 그은 최고의 선수 KT 롤스터 이영호가 은퇴를 선언했다.KT 롤스터는 1일 보도자료를 통해 프렌차이즈 스타이자 한국 e스포츠의 전설 이영호와 계약이 종료됐음을 전했다. 이영호는 2007년부터 약 9년간 지속했던 프로게이머 생활에 최종 마침표를 찍었다.스타크래프트:브루