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KESPA Cup Announced!

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  • KESPA Cup Announced!

    KESPA Cup Announced!

    Rough Translation:

    Korea e-Sports Association is to maintain the previous year's level scale 2016 KeSPA Cup, 18 il (geum) were announced it will hold.

    KeSPA Cup, Korea e-Sports Association (hereafter Association) hosted by Blizzard Entertainment and sports tournaments domestic short e is conducted in StarCraft II's (Blizzard Entertainment, Blizzard below). The competition is held in the global e-sports tournament in the StarCraft II World Championship Series (StarCraft® II World Championship Series, less WCS), the WCS points are given. After the reorganization in 2014 held this year gimjunho (CJ ENTUS_herO) and can eoyun (SK Telecom T1_soO) and discharge the two winners were all a short position in the domestic tournament.

    Association 2016 WCS contest structure is reorganized As a result, StarCraft II e athletes are active to be in the domestic competition environment and guarantee and e-sports fans more diverse game the experience to make Blizzard and consultation to 2016 KeSPA Cup the previous year's level maintaining plans to hold. It is also sikindaneun development strategy to cover more events and discussions with Blizzard, so competition can be extended to other stocks StarCraft II.

    2016 KeSPA Cup of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void: held (StarCraft® II Legacy of the Void) will, schedules and prizes, including a detailed plan is expected to be released later confirmed.

    Association "A lot of this e KeSPA Cup thanks to the encouragement of sports fans could well take place this year as domestic e-sports tournaments term. The association plans to try to make a game that even the domestic e-sports players, and can ensure that a stable tournament play, a lot of e-sports fans can enjoy next year. We ask Taps unwavering support to KeSPA Cup "he said.