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Lets Learn StarCraft is BACK & Funday Monday!

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  • Lets Learn StarCraft is BACK & Funday Monday!

    Lets Learn StarCraft is BACK & Funday Monday! Cool to see him back to SC2

    TL;DR: Lets Learn StarCraft shows are back every Tuesday to Thursday. Funday Monday re-runs will be played every Thursday starting at approximately 3pm PDT leading to the Lets Learn StarCraft show at 5pm PDT.

    First of all, I wanted to say SORRY for the big gap in content creation for "Lets Learn StarCraft" in the last month. Due to a mix of travel (TwitchCon / BlizzCon / StarCraft 2 summit etc) and poor planning on my part (I gotta remember I'm 31 and don't have the youthful energy of my twenties) I haven't had the opportunity to make the proper quality LLSC shows I've wanted to. It takes about 6-8 hours of time per 2 hour episode to plan, record videos, make graphics etc, and I frankly POOPED OUT.

    In the good news department, I've planned out the next two months EXCELLENTLY and will be hitting 2 shows a week until the end of the year! (with exceptions for when I'm travelling for the Zotac SC:R tournament December 1st to 3rd, but that's moar SC stuffs). I'll be wrapping TvP focus in the next episodes (I'm especially excited about tonight's episode) and hope you'll enjoy it too! Upcoming I'll be doing more matchup focused content, starting with ZvT.

    Given that SC2 is going free-to-play, I'll be rebroadcasting the ol' Funday Monday episodes every Thursday at 3pm PDT! Those episodes are some of the most proud I've been of anything I've ever made, so I hope they've aged well :P. All the above content can be viewed at Either way, go play some more StarCraft because it's awesome.




    Update: Upon trying out the Thursday 3pm PDT broadcasts, there were some weird errors with notifications going out/turning on my broadcast while the VODcast was on THEREFORE we are moving Funday Monday rebroadcasts to AFTER "Lets Learn Starcraft" every Thursday to see if that helps .