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Defending the LoTV 1-1-1 PvT

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  • Defending the LoTV 1-1-1 PvT

    Defending the LoTV 1-1-1 PvT with PiG

    1:00 - Montage of Protoss dying to 1-1-1 begins
    3:10 - TYs dirty gettysburg depot-block
    3:55 - So many games of it working in Korea therefore unbeatable?
    5:35 - Drogo vs Masa defending marine-tank-bunker-liberator push
    6:30 - Already covered this game talking about the opening in general and its power for counterattacking vs pressure. More detail now.
    7:30 - Skip the mocore. Tanks + Cyclones outrange pylons anyway.
    9:40 - Chrono adept asap to get some initial info on what type of units are coming
    11:15 - delayed pylons in the natural to help stop helion runbys and protect natural mineral line
    13:25 - Immortal or prism first?
    15:15 - Pull probes + first warpin to clear their setup
    16:35 - Focus-fire order. Medivacs first.
    19:05 - "What about marine-widow mine drop + double liberator in the main?"
    20:50 - Artosis, Drogo, Mcanning and more twitter debate over this build
    23:10 - Harstem vs BYUN starts. Talking about scouting, recognising, adapting and reacting this game.
    25:00 - Scouting and ruling out which of the THREE gas-first Terran builds it is.
    30:00 - The actual defence
    32:15 - HAVE to stop terran seiging up the abusive position past a certain point. But you have to be decisive and smart with when you choose to push them back.
    36:00 - Did Harstem cut probes?
    36:40 - Drogos defence was stronger because he chrono'd 4 gateway units vs 2. And cut probes to ensure he got his gates and immortal on time still.