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    Every 3rd Sunday of the month we will be holding a round robin style Starcraft2 tournament. Once everyone has played each other the two players with the most wins will face off in a best of 5 series.

    We will have THREE divisions: Bronze-Silver, Gold-Platinum, Diamond and UP

    Please include the following in your sign up-> how long you have played, what your rank and race is, what are your goals in the game are like being a Grand master or simply winning a match against a frenemy.

    We would like to start with at least 6-8 people per division. More the merrier

    ***No entree fees***

    Prizes: Bronze-Silver 1st 10$ Steam gift card 2nd 5$ Steam gift card
    Gold-Platinum 1st 20$ Steam gift card 2nd 10$
    Diamond and UP 1st 50$USD 2nd 25$USD

    Once we get ANY one of the division filled that will trigger the start of monthlys for that division.

    Some games will be casted live on twitch with some sort of delay.

    Sooner we fill up the divisions the sooner we can pay out these prizes.


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    I'm in. I've been playing starcraft 2 off and on since Wings, and i played brood war as a young lad. I just placed at Plat 2 as Terran. I off race Zerg, my goal is just to play games and have fun and get better at mini map awareness.

    i'm available any night except wednesdays. and i am traveling aug. 29th-sept. 5th and oct. 9th to 18th so will be unavailable those days.
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      Not sure what rank I would fall under, I still have to play AI for 5 more days before I can do 1v1 ranked games :/


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        Originally posted by MissFortier View Post
        Not sure what rank I would fall under, I still have to play AI for 5 more days before I can do 1v1 ranked games :/
        I think you'll get Plat. You honestly are picking the game up extremely well for observing game play than playing. Since you dont have any ties to brood war this pace will feel good to you and you'll probably get diamond before the season ends if you stick it out.


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          Here we go!!!!!!!!!!! Let me see how much of my buds I can bring on board. Most of my crew is high diamond to low master. I assume that it's a requirement to be in the LzH clan in sc2? but I could use a confirmation on that one. They'll have to sign up to the site and register on this post too.

          For me personally, I started day 1 of wings with tons of hype. I played SC1, and it was the first player vs player game I got into way back in 99'. During the WC3 era I also spent a lot of time on that RTS, but never really got into the pro-scene. With SC2 I was enjoying it, but didn't have any goals for awhile, I even put it down for most of 2011/2012 before my friend FrostyFenix talked me back into it after we started getting tired of WoW Arenas. When I watched the Blizzcon finals in 2012 I was inspired, and I made it my goal to hit Masters. It took my awhile, but eventually I hit Masters. It felt good. There's nothing like working hard at something with a goal in mind, then actually hitting it after grinding for so long.

          Now, I'm at a place where I look at RTS as an art form, and as a discipline. It forces honesty out of those who play it. Sure you can blame balance when you lose, but really, unless you're at a mega high level, the balance won't be so severe that you can't find a way to scout better, or manage your resources better, or improve in a way that gets you the win next time. It's incredible to me the subtleties and complexities. On the surface it might look boring, and might not have the flash of bigger e-sports, but it's also harder to comprehend and appreciate. For those like me who do appreciate it, SC2 is a gem of a game.

          We're seeing it come back on twitch, grow even! Now that its free to play tons of people are on board. According to the stats on, Last season was the most played season since at least 2012, and this season looks like it's going to take 2nd. This is a hype period where the foreigners are fighting back against the Koreans and taking ground away from their domination. Prize pools are getting larger too!

          After getting Masters I found myself in a stagnant period. Now I have to practice a lot more consistently to maintain Master League. If I don't, then the small oversights I make end up costing me games. I need to keep a certain degree of awareness at all times in order to advance. it's a big commitment to push forward at this point. But you know what I realized? I'm still playing. I grinded my ass off to hit masters years ago now, and I'm still playing... Why? Because I simply love it! I always watch GSL, I almost never miss the VODs on youtube, and I study the top Protoss players intently. Naturally I have come to realize recently, that the next progression with SC2 is obviously Grand Masters. It's not going to be easy. It's going to cause me to stretch even further than before, but making GM is the dream of dreams for me, a gaming achievement worth seeking. My 2012 self would shit himself if he knew what I was dreaming of now, and it's funny, because my current self doesn't even think getting Masters is such a big deal anymore. Interesting when you look into it like that.

          Hopefully we can foster the right environment and get some games casted. Having tournaments with incentives is really cool to see, and a smart move to kick us off. The infrastructure set up here at LzH is a great sign. Seems like the speed-running community is rock solid, so building SC2 and other e-sports seems realistically achievable. We just need to bring in more passionate people that want to work together and improve. It may be a 1v1 game, but when you have a team that collaborates, gains can be made much quicker.


          Master League Protoss

          Going for GM
          Battletag - Nextgen#1748
          LoL ID - Vasuda
          Twitch - Nextgen88


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            dont need to be that high to join the clan no nextgen the goal is to have a competitive inhouse league and then send our very best to other tournaments who knows maybe start qualifying for bigger events etc but start with basetradetv and yes everyone needs to be on the forum. i believe our tight knit group can make a splash


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              Sign me up! Locq added me on sc2 already I believe. Silentk#1348