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Court of Stars +22 solo (Bursting, Quaking, Fortified)

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  • Court of Stars +22 solo (Bursting, Quaking, Fortified)

    Court of Stars +22 solo (Bursting, Quaking, Fortified)

    yes +22 deal w/ it nerds
    took 3h20 and gave me 78 mythic+ score! woo~ *spins around for a celebratory victory dance*

    This week was a pretty fun week for me when it comes to m+ soloing, on top of doing this +22 CoS (which is pretty much a repeat of +19 Tyrannical last patch for the most part, ofc numbers are wildly different when you consider affixes/patch m+ rescaling/etc), I've also done a bunch of +11s in time (DHT, HoV, BRH, Cathedral, Wardens, Upper Kz, Arcway iirc) and even a +12, which you're probably aware of already if you have me on twitter ~.~

    When it comes to more traditional raid solos I haven't uploaded anything in a while because nothing has really been particularly noteworthy, but I've done a few bosses here and there like Elisande or Tich though. A few things like Xavius, Odyn (13% a few weeks ago x.X) Sisters, or Goroth might be killable but no real big milestone in sight. Fallen Avatar/KJ/Aggramar/Argus are still fairly out of reach.

    Next uploads will probably be the timed +12 and +11 runs, followed by what is most likely to be BfA content since I got graciously invited to the alpha! Until then, take care friends~

    Keystone: Court of Stars +22 - Bursting/Quaking/Fortified
    Item level: 975ish
    Artifact level: 77
    Patch: 7.3.5
    If you liked the video you should check out Mionelol's youtube here: