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Demon Hunter Interview with Blizzard

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  • Demon Hunter Interview with Blizzard

    • Momentum is on the radar. There aren't any plans to change it immediately.
    • The team wants to let things go live on the 9th and see how it works out.
    • Obviously players won't have access to Momentum in the first few weeks, but they will watch how things are working out on beta and take that time to figure out where they want it to be before launch.
    • As with anytime a new class is added, there are a large number of things that will be up in the air during the first few months of a new expansion, so provide your feedback on the forums.

    Mobility in Battlegrounds
    • Changes to Demon Hunter mobility in PvP is up to the PvP team.
    • There is some flexibility in place so that they can limit mobility while you are carrying the flag.
    • The team ran into many of these mobility issues when the Monk was introduced, so they are familiar with the issues that can occur.
    • One video showed a Demon Hunter using glide to cross half of the battleground which caused some concern.
    • At one point Glide kept moving at the same pace even when you were snared, but Glide was changed to move slower when you are snared.

    Felbat Mount
    • There were a number of mounts added to Legion with no source yet.
    • The artists had a few days of mount-a-palooza, allowing them to come up with some cool and crazy mounts like the Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder, the Llothien Prowler, and the Bloodfang Widow.
    • The team ended up with more mounts than they were able to find reward sources for, which is a great problem to have.
    • There are lots of ideas for future patches and solid plans for some of the mounts that aren't assigned a source yet.
    • You may see the Felbat mount make a return in the future.

    Warglaive Models
    • There aren't any current plans to make circular glaives like that ones that Maiev has, but as we progress through the patches there will be interesting and fun ways to vary up your Artifact look.
    • The circular weapon shape might be a little out of bounds for the Demon Hunter artifacts, but that is a nice glaive model.
    • Transmog gives the team the opportunity to make some really cool and crazy stuff that players can get to customize their appearance.
    • The team is only really scratching the surface of appearance customization at this point and there is a lot of depth there.

    Metamorphosis Model
    • It is unlikely that the team will allow players to swap the Metamorphosis model that their spec uses to the one used by the other spec.
    • They want to keep the fantasy strongly tied to each spec.
    • One model is a somewhat Illidan like demon model while the other is more of a Diablo model.
    • One is unarmed and brutal, he looks like he can take a lot of damage.
    • The other model is a lot lighter weight.
    • The team has really pulled back on cosmetic glyphs, cross-class abilities and focused on class fantasy. They want to maintain that for a while.
    • Customization of your Metamorphosis form is a possibility. Right now it maintains your hair color and tattoo shape, but not the tattoo color or horns.
    • The Metamorphosis form has a specific horn on them, so it may not be something that can be easily translated from the normal player model.
    • The team will be looking at character customization for a long time to come.

    • The team wants to keep the basic rotation very simple, without any procs that you have to respond to. Just press the buttons when you have resources.
    • Additional complexity can be added through talents.
    • This does make players who want this additional complexity feel like they only have one talent choice for that tier, but that is how opt-in complexity has to be delivered.
    • There are players that raid at the top end that will want to play a Demon Hunter, but at the same time there will also be lots of other players that want to play a Demon Hunter as well. They had to approach it from an initial position of simplicity.
    • They are looking forward to feedback from when you get in to the highest end raids. What would you like to see be a little bit more complicated with this class?
    • There are a large number of other classes in World of Warcraft and some of them are very complex and have a high skill cap, which may make them a little bit more appropriate for a player that wants that additional complexity.

    Metamorphosis Gameplay
    • Making Metamorphosis a little bit more interesting is something that the team has constantly looked at. "How can we make this even cooler?"
    • Right now it delivers on the fantasy of making you attack faster and hit harder.
    • There could be a talent that adds additional complexity or a modification to the spell if there is a simple solution.
    • For now Metamorphosis is going to be one of those things that are released and then re-examined.
    • It is easier with a large and vocal community to add things later rather than taking something away.
    • This means starting from a place of a little bit more simplicity so that they don't end up taking away things players got used to or liked.

    Demonic Communication
    • Demon Hunters should be able to communicate cross-faction with Demonic. If they can't right now on beta it is a bug.

    Tanking Niche
    • Demon Hunters have a lot of utility and movement abilities, so they are fairly strong in Mythic+ dungeons.
    • Having an AoE fear and an AoE silence and all of their mobility abilities really make them stand out among the other tanks.

    • The team has been looking at survivability every day since the Q&A to see what they should do.
    • They have talked to people internally that are doing beta PvP and found that the mobility gives them a lot of survivability.
    • They will see how it works out first at Level 100 and then at Level 110.
    • There is a chance that a few tweaks will be made before Legion release.

    Wings and Hovering
    • When you apply wings to your character, usually the camera is behind and above your character, in the perfect position for wings to block your vision of the character.
    • This covers your tattoos and armor, detracting from your character's experience.
    • Illidan is your leader and a little bit more powerful than every other Demon Hunter, which is why he has the wings and can hover. They don't want to get rid of this while we are in the middle of his big story arc.
    • Adding some way to let you occasionally show off your wings isn't something planned right now, but maybe in the future.

    Demon Hunter Armor
    • Demon Hunters having more revealing armor is a tool that the team has, but it isn't something that may be necessary to do for every Demon Hunter armor set moving forward.

    • As with every expansion that adds a new class, unforeseen things will pop up during launch, so provide feedback via Twitter and the forums!
    Demon Hunter Interview with Blizzard. More as always at