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  • Shadow BFA Datamining

    Shadow BFA Datamining

    Mind Sear is back!
    Void Eruption doesn't require a DoT and now damages all within 10yd of target
    Voidform haste per sec halved and Mind Blast cdr halved
    Shadowfiend generates 3 Insanity per hit!

    Shadow Word: Death is now a talent?!

    Dark Void (New) Void Eruption applies Shadow Word: Pain to all targets hit. Level 45 Talent.

    Surrender - All your Insanity-generating abilities generate 100% more Insanity and you can cast while moving for 1 minute. Then, you take damage equal to 90% of your maximum health and cannot generate Insanity for 30 sec. 4 min cooldown.

    Legacy of the Void now also lowers Void Eruption cast time by 40% (instead of +5% dmg)

    Twist of Fate, Auspicious Spirits, and Mindbender slightly nerfed

    utility stuff:

    Mind Bomb is a fear
    Leap of Faith is back for Shadow
    Mass Dispel 45s cd
    Vampiric Embrace now 2min cd

    San'layn - Reduces the cooldown of Vampiric Embrace by 45 sec and increases its healing done by 25%.
    Last Word (New) Reduces the cooldown of Silence by 15 sec.
    Psychic Horror re-added as a talent

    well now...