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Outlaw Rogue Tier 21 4pc Bonus

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  • Outlaw Rogue Tier 21 4pc Bonus

    Outlaw Rogue Tier 21 4pc Bonus

    OK, some updates. Reminder that numbers and designs are subject to change still.

    The set bonus now reads:

    Run Through has an 8% chance to grant you a Roll the Bones combat enhancement buff you do not already have for 10 sec.

    Slice and Dice users get the same set bonus, it may need different tuning based on talents so do not get attached to any of the numbers.

    If you get a buff from Run Through, and then Roll the Bones, the short duration buff will be rerolled at its current duration to a new combat enhancement you didn't get from the new cast of Roll the Bones. This works if you are lucky and have multiple bonus Run Through procs active right before a Roll the Bones cast.

    Minor note: If you're the lucky Rogue who gets back-to-back Run Through procs, and then uses Roll the Bones, and continue the luck streak and gain 5 buffs, the set bonus will only retain 1 of the short duration set bonus buffs as there are only 6 total potential buffs.

    Some future PTR build will have it working this way, thanks for the conversation in this thread.