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Enhancement Shaman PTR Changes 8.1

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  • Enhancement Shaman PTR Changes 8.1

    Enhancement Shaman PTR Changes 8.1

    In an upcoming Public Test Realm (PTR) build, several changes are coming for Enhancement Shamans.

    We’re adjusting the following talents:
    Lightning Shield and Forceful Winds are both popular talents right now, and we don’t want to reduce Enhancement’s overall damage with changes to those two talents, so additionally:
    • The damage done by all Enhancement abilities increased by 5%.

    The changes above should help make the different choices on many talent rows much more competitive with each other.

    In addition to these changes above, we’re adjusting how many tooltips are generated. This may cause some websites to show that the damage or healing of almost every single Enhancement ability has changed. Do not panic; we are not lowering all of your damage and healing! This will be a behind-the-scenes data adjustment only.

    Thank you for testing with us on the PTR!