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WoW Classic “Not A Bug” July List Updates

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  • WoW Classic “Not A Bug” July List Updates

    WoW Classic “Not A Bug” July List Updates

    The opening post has been updated with the following:
    • Cone of Cold is behaving consistently with the reference client.
    • Arcane Missiles does not put the caster in combat .
    • A Hunter’s Frost Trap ground effect will break Rogues out of stealth.
    • The Berserking Troll racial ability is behaving as expected and matches the reference client.
    • The pet that a Warlock has when initially logging into the game world does not restore a Soul Shard when dismissed by taking a flight path or moving out of range.
    • The trigger range on Hunter’s traps are reduced by Stealth when the stealthed player is a similar or higher level than the Hunter.
    • Soul Link cannot be dispelled by dispelling the Warlock’s pet.
    • A Warlock’s Succubus pet cannot cast spells if they are out of line of sight of the target.
    • Manually cancelling Stealth after using Vanish will remove the Vanish buff as well as the Stealth buff.
    • Escape Artist has a very small chance to fail when used to escape an effect that has a decreased chance to be dispelled (e.g. a Rogue’s Vile Poisons talent).
    • Rogues are not broken out of stealth by Blizzard until they take damage.
    • Taunting Hunter pets that are set to Aggressive or Defensive mode will cause them to attack the taunting player.

    Hunter concerns:
    • Hunter “dead zone” is working as expected and is consistent with the Reference Client
    • A wolf pet’s Howl buff is consumed by anything that causes damage, even if it does not benefit from the buff
    • A Hunter pet’s Bite and Claw ability damage will not change in the tooltip based on the happiness of the pet. The tooltip will always display the damage as if the pet were Content (yellow). This is consistent with the Reference client
    • Traps can sometimes not be triggered if a player moves over them very quickly (i.e. a Warrior’s Charge ability). This behavior is consistent with the Reference client.
    • Auto Shot does not make a sound when cast during the animation of Hunter’s Mark and certain other abilities
    • Scatter Shot, Wyvern Sting, and Freezing Trap share diminishing returns
    • A Hunter’s Frost Trap ground effect will break players out of stealth

    Additionally, the wording of the following was modified to be a bit clearer:
    • "Melee leeway" is working as intended in both PvE and PvP.