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  • Honor Issue Update

    Honor Issue Update --

    So what do you think? is this fix happening or not?
    It sure is! We’re running a repair job for this week right now.

    One thing to note about this repair job is that it will zero-out the kill count display for today, but that is just a display issue. In order to get this out as soon as possible, we’re leveraging the existing daily summary code, and one of the things it does is reset the daily kill-count display.

    The kills are all still there and will be tracked in the daily summary code tomorrow morning, just before it runs the weekly summary code.

    So to summarize, if you see your daily kills get set to 0, that’s okay, and those kills will still be counted.

    While you are around! Does this fix effect anything for players missing honor Weeks #1 and #2? Any response would be awesome! Thank you

    No, this job will not affect any of the results in previous weeks.

    The steps to fully resolve an issue like this are:
    • Identify the source of the problem
    • Stop it from getting worse
    • Determine the scope of the damage done
    • Repair the damage if possible.

    While we’re at step 4 for this week’s data, we’re really at step 2 for the problem at large (repairing this week’s summaries keep the problem at large from getting worse).

    While we’ve seen anecdotal reports of lost honor, it’s only now that we know the source of the problem that we can identify how widespread the damage from it was, and that investigation is still ongoing.

    I want to thank everybody that provided constructive feedback, and detailed information that helped us identify the issue here.

    Well that really stinks losing about a 1/4th of my total honor gains for the first two weeks all while being told the kills were still “accounted for”. But thanks for the reply.
    Just to be clear, we do have the kills logged (for previous weeks as well).

    What I said is that this action doesn’t affect previous weeks’ results, and we’re still investigating the scope of the damage, now that the cause has been identified.

    Just relogged again and gained another 35,000 honor.
    While I appreciate the reports, panic is unwarranted. The incorrect honor values in “this week” are another display bug.

    The repair job runs one day at a time, and one realm at a time, so that’s why logging out and back in was displaying more honor. You caught it between days on the first login, and had additional days processed before the next login.

    After this repair job completes the running weekly total displayed for “this week” will be a total of:
    • the incorrect honor you had before the repair
    • the correct honor you have as a result of the repair

    That will not be the value used for the weekly rank adjustments. The weekly rank adjustment will correctly use the results of the repair.

    Tomorrow, after the weekly reset runs, you should see the correct value in the “Last Week” display, which was actually used to calculate your rank adjustment for the week.

    We’re working as fast as we can to have this repaired before the weekly job runs, so our focus has been on the data that actually feeds into the weekly honor calculations, not on the display, which actually pulls the data from a different source, that’s optimized for in-game display, rather than for calculation by these jobs. I hope that explains what everybody is seeing, but if you see something inconsistent with what I just explained, please say so. After all, that’s how we found this issue in the first place! :slight_smile:

    • “This week” honor currently has a bugged display (shows too much honor).
    • “Today kills” currently has a bugged display (DKs too, shows too few kills).
    • All the kills are still logged, none have been lost.
    • Everything for this week should be correct after weekly restarts
    • We’ll take a look at previous weeks as soon as this week’s issues are fully resolved.

    I hope that gives everybody some peace of mind.