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Series teaser "Warcraft. Blood and Honor"

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  • Series teaser "Warcraft. Blood and Honor"

    Series teaser "Warcraft. Blood and Honor" by Lonely Road Pictures!

    The story of the eternal confrontation between the Horde and the Alliance did not begin in Azeroth. Even before the First Horde came through the Dark Portal, many things had happened. This story begins on Drenor, the world of a noble race of descendants of the great Grond, the Orcs. The series will plunge you into the events that determined the fate of both worlds. You will see the rise of the First Horde and its fall. How did it all begin? Who were the Orcs before they became a devastating, bloodthirsty Horde? Watch the series "Warcraft. Blood and Honor" to find out The pilot series is scheduled for release in 2022.