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Pet Giveaway ...Until Dec 5th!

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  • Pet Giveaway ...Until Dec 5th!

    Lzuruha is giving away any Blizzard Store Pet ( to a lucky random person who answers the post on this thread. If you win, you will have to give us your email to send the code! We use google random number generator to select a winner. We go by post ID for the draw.

    With that said, its time to try to get your cuteness of a newborn cat with the searing magma of the Elemental Plane of Fire or your Alterac Brew Pup that has descended from a long pedigree of champion rescue hounds!

    Giveaway Question:

    What are you looking forward to or not for Patch 8.3 "Visions of N'Zoth"?

    Date of draw:

    December 5th, 2019 after raid time! (10:00 PM EST)

    Win one of these today!

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    I think biggest thing I'm most hype for in 8.3 is the new PVP and m+ seasons, as well as the addition of 2 mysterious weapon illusions which im hoping, are for m+ and PVP respectively but as it stands who knows. The buffs to currently underperforming essences are also a welcome change.


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      I'm looking forward to the new mythic + season and the new meta with the resto druid nerf. I'm also interested to fully see how corruption work and how well putting a socket on your own gear will work out because blizz decides they made a mistake and remove it, or make the grind longer for the material. I'm kinda hyped mostly for the 12 Boss Raid. Been awhile since we had a long raid tier!!


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        I just really want to farm all the Anime Power instead of azerite


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          I'm looking forward to learning more about corruption gear. However, I am not looking forward to shadow priest nerf since i will have to keep up with 2 character now.


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            Hello there, my awesome guild mates! Here’s my submission regarding 8.3.

            First off, Mage changes to arcane and frost. I continue to look forward to being the guilds worst mage as I try new builds in raid and doing terribly poor on the meters. (Sorry Epy, Carn, and Dis)

            Secondly, corruption gear. Although sort of similar to benthic I’m curious to see how everyone is going to utilize the different stats.

            Lastly, bullying every single one of you who re-rolls into a trash-diaper-baby MechaGnome.

            Thanks for the opportunity - I love this guild.
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              8.3 brings the best pet. Need I say more?

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                I really excited to be raiding with a solid guild from the start of a tier, time to set down the roots and fight for top dps


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                  I'm looking forward to doing new shit. And also corruption gear is an interesting novelty.


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                    I am extremely excited to raid in a tornado free zone


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                      Can't wait to raid Ny'alotha with a Mechagnome!!!!


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                        what i am looking forward to the most is the story of how ashara is gonna play out im a big lore nerd so i wanna see how such an iconic characters story arc ends


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                          Wrathions sweaty palms. Oh and Shadowmourne Tmog
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                            I'm mostly looking forward to finally using my residuum rofl


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                              I am looking forward to the horrific visions and to see how corruption gear actually turns out