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How to farm old World of Warcraft mounts faster

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  • How to farm old World of Warcraft mounts faster

    Here's a video guide that shows an easy way to farm raid mounts using a single normal raid lockout without requiring another person or multiple accounts!

    This should speed up mount farming for people who don't currently use the old method of extending old raid lockouts and using other accounts/people to get saved to them. With this method all you need is a couple minutes and some clever use of the Premade Group Finder!

    All credit goes to Lostinthestar and Digitalneo for their posts in this reddit thread from yesterday:

    Long text version via reddit:

    Step 1) Farm to boss you want to farm on one character.
    Step 2) Log out of that saved character you just farmed with.
    Step 3) Log onto character you want to share lockout with.
    Step 4) Create premade with LFG tool and log back to saved character (name shouldn't matter).
    Step 5) Look for the premade you created with saved character (should show as blue) and sign up.
    Step 6) Log out and back onto character that made premade.
    Step 7) Accept your saved character's sign up and log back out.
    Step 8) Log onto your saved character and accept invite.
    Step 9) Log out of saved character and back onto farm character.
    (you should see your saved character offline in your group).
    Step 10) Run into raid and accept the lockout (make sure raid size/difficulty is correct).
    Step 11) Kill boss, then profit (be sure to disband group and premade).
    Step 12) Repeat Steps 3 to 11 for other characters.

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