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  • Lucid Nightmare Guide

    More in Depth:

    For players more interested in the mount than the explanations and history of its discovery, follow these steps:
    • Find and read the Inconspicuous Scroll on the upper level of Curiosities and Moore, across from the fishing fountain in Dalaran (Broken Shore)
    • Travel to Ulduar, and click the Dusty Lever on the far left scrap pile in XT-002 Deconstructor's room. Click the lights to form the pattern on the right, then read the scroll that appears in the center.
    • Travel to the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ40). Go past C'Thun's room, click the Mind Larva on the altar, and play the Bejeweled game until you win. Read the scroll on the altar.
    • Purchase or craft a Shadoweave Mask, then travel to the Crumbling Depths in northeast Deepholm. Equip the Mask, then locate the Dark Fissure in the main chamber, just past the circling gyreworm. Drop into the Fissure, then click the skull on the chair in the center of the chamber. Read the scroll.
    • Enter Gnomeregan, and locate the "Instructions" plaque and ten consoles on the north side of the Launch Bay. By repeatedly "talking" to the consoles, enter the number 1222176597. Read the scroll that appears.
    • Travel to the northeast edge of Shala'nir, in Val'sharah. Inside a house there, click on the Nightmare Tumour and complete its minigame. (Untangle the lines by clicking dots to swap them.) Read the scroll that appears.
    • Travel to the Tomb of Secrets in Kun-Lai Summit and click the Urn on the pedestal. Solve the maze by acquiring the colored Orb debuffs and using them to dissipate the matching runes. Note that the maze has an unusual and shifting geometry and mapping it is not a complete solution. When you have cleared all of the runes, you will be teleported to a room containing the final scroll. Read it.
    • Travel to Karazhan in Deadwind Pass. The previously barricaded Crypt behind the graveyard there is now open to you. In the most remote room of the Crypt, on a pile of bones, you will find the chest containing the Lucid Nightmare.