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Blizzard Store Pet Giveaway August 9th, 2019!

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  • Blizzard Store Pet Giveaway August 9th, 2019!

    Lzuruha is giving away any Blizzard Store Pet ( to a lucky random person who answers the post on this thread. If you win, you will have to give us your email to send the code to! We use google random number generator to select a winner. We go by post ID for the draw.

    With that said, its time to try to get your cuteness of a newborn cat with the searing magma of the Elemental Plane of Fire or your Alterac Brew Pup that has descended from a long pedigree of champion rescue hounds!

    Giveaway Question:

    What do you think will happen to Sylvanas in the conclusion of Battle for Azeroth?

    Date of draw:

    August 9th, 2019

    Win one of these today! *ANYONE can enter, in and out of the team! only one post counts. pick any blizzard store pet as prize*

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    I'll start it off, She will be fighting the void all this time and n'zoth and had to burn teldrasil to help heal azeroth with the world tree being absorbed then. She will then go on to be a Kadgar type of NPC in WoW imo


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      As far as Sylvanas goes I think secretly she will be trying to find a way to battle nzoth using the void, but will disappear until next expansion and leave a void in the Horde for Thrall or Baine to takeover and when we battle the old gods in the next expansion she will save the day!


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        Everyone is talking about WoTLK since Classic more often so I'd go on a limb and say this is building blocks to go full circle in coming back to Sylvanas and the Lich King where she will take up for the Lich Queen since the stories have been a lot more about women empowerment. Just trying to think like Blizzard :P


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          For Sylvanas I think because of how long they’ve built up her character and her finally reaching warchief, they will have her knocked off as leader of the horde but she will be exiled instead of killed for her crimes. She will probably stay in the story as extra muscle in emergency situations like a certain other former leader of the horde. That or she will redeem herself by sacrificing herself for the horde.


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            hopefully we get to fight her and kill her in the next raid. thats my hope atleast lol


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              We'll find out that Nathanos was corrupted all along and egging her on. She'll realize that she was being played like a broken fiddle and after attacking thunder bluff, will either be imprisoned or be ashamed and step down as warchief.


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                she'll get the revive after death and throw a sister reunion slumber party


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                  She's gonna make a bargain with N'Zoth like Azshara did, except Azshara was actually clever. Sylvanas will get in over her head and end up dead or enslaved at the hands of N'Zoth.


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                    She's going to realize that she is actually in love with Anduin and try to court him.


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                      I think she's going to spark an alliance civil war between Stormwind and everyone else. Or she'll be the leader of a new third faction. Either way I think the next expansion is back to Northrend.

                      Spoiler: the final raid will be Wyrmrest, again. Third time's the charm!


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                        Post 5 won which is Seshi

                        Click image for larger version

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