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Mythic Hungering Destroyer Kill!

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  • Mythic Hungering Destroyer Kill!

    Grats on 3/10 Mythic guys!

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    the poster:

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      Lzuruha is giving away any Blizzard Store Pet ( to a lucky random person who answers the post on this thread. If you win, you will have to give us your email to send the code to! We use google random number generator to select a winner. We go by post ID for the draw.

      With that said, its time to try to get your cuteness of a newborn cat with the searing magma of the Elemental Plane of Fire or your Alterac Brew Pup that has descended from a long pedigree of champion rescue hounds!

      Date of draw:

      Feb 25th, 2021

      Giveaway Question: (Note: There is 6 differences, when you spot them list them in a reply to enter with spoiler tag [ Spoiler ] [ / Spoiler ]) and wait until the draw date! The answers will be posted then!

      Click image for larger version

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        So far only Sliver has DM'd me the correct answers and is entered for the draw


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          Only Sliver and Xarra got it so did a 1-2 roll

          Sliver 1
          Sneaks 2

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          SliverToday at 9:43 PM

          / roll 10
          [9:43 PM]
          Higher wins
          DisenchantmentToday at 9:45 PM

          you two let me know who wins the roll or ill just do a 1-2 roll ;p
          [9:45 PM]
          ill send pet to winner
          SliverToday at 9:45 PM

          1 2 quicker
          DisenchantmentToday at 9:46 PM

          K sliver ur 1 xarra is 2
          [9:46 PM]
          doing roll ow
          [9:46 PM]
          google picked 2 xd
          SliverToday at 9:46 PM

          Grats sneaks