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New Dragon Ball Series... "Heroes"

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  • New Dragon Ball Series... "Heroes"

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    Not much information is given yet but it should be noted that Heroes exist already in a card form which brings DB and GT together. GT about to become canon officially?

    Dragon Ball Heroes is a popular card-based arcade game in Japan developed by Dimps featuring a large roster of characters from the original Dragon Ball to GT and even brand new characters with original story arcs.

    The same issue of V-Jump also gave us a closer look at Vegito Blue in Dragon Ball FighterZ, who will be coming to the game with Fused Zamasu by the end of the month, along with some information on his special Dramatic Finish scene.

    Also Heroes has had a Manga series that was going on until Super which had a lot of interesting characters.

    • Beat-The main protagonist of Dragon Ball Heroes and it's mascot. Beat is the male saiyan hero.
    • Note- the female protagonist and female saiyan Hero the secondary mascot of the series.
    • Erito- The male saiyan elite
    • Basaku The male saiyan berserker
    • Viola- The female Saiyan Elte
    • Forte - The female Saiyan Berserker
    • Kabra - The Majin Hero
    • Yoshito-Kun-The Majin Elite
    • Salaga- The Majin Berserker
    • Froze- The Frieza Clan Hero
    • Resok- The Frieza Clan Elite
    • Frieza Clan Berserker- The Berserker of the Frieza race
    • Tsumuri - The Namekian Hero
    • 'Namekian Elite- The elite Namekian
    • Kagyu- The Namekian Berserker
    • Nimu- The android hero
    • Nico- the female android elite
    • Genome- the male Android berserker inspired by Cell.
    • Zen- the Supreme Kai Hero
    • Fen- the Supreme Kai Elite
    • Wairu- the female supreame Kai Berserker
    • Chamel- the Demon hero
    • Demon Elite- a female demon
    • Demon Berserker

    Villans were:
    • Mechikabura - The main villain of the first two arcs and Towa and Dabura's grandfather.
    • Shroom - The Demon God of death and one of Mechikabura's allies.
    • Salsa - A Demon God with swordsman skills.
    • Putine - One of the strongest wizards who then joined Demigra.
    • Gravy - Like, Putine, Gravy joined Demigra and relies on brute force.
    • Evil Saiyan- A Saiyan in the Prison Planet arc, who is kept by Fu.
    Dragon Ball Heroes was adapted into several manga series. Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission (ドラゴンボール ヒーローズ ビクトリーミッション), written and illustrated by Toyotarou, was serialized in Shueisha's V Jump magazine since November 2012. With 28 chapters, it is currently on hiatus as Toyotarou is drawing Dragon Ball Super.

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    im mixed on this... we'll see... I rather just have Super continue xD


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      It will be very interesting if they try to make GT canon. I wonder how the fans will react since a good chunk dislike GT.


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        Not looking forward to this with the info that is released so far. I would of loved if they continued with Super. I guess it will depend how crazy they get with Heroes.