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PUBG Drops Lawsuit Against Fortnite Developer Epic

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  • PUBG Drops Lawsuit Against Fortnite Developer Epic

    After a big scream up by making such a fuss over Fortnite and sueing them and gave Fortnite the spotlight with all the drama. They finally are dropping their case against Fortnite giving up on any legal revenge.

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    this lawsuit is what killed them but hey they made moola at the end of the day and still cheesing people left over with pass cards or whatever they're calling it while not fixing their game.


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      Probably because they cant out money Fortnite anymore at all or even on the same playing grounds anymore. It is and continuing to cause harm to PUBG but thus the cycle of BG games.

      Arma 3 > WarZ > H1z1 > ARK Battlegrounds > Fear the Wolf > The Culling 2 > PUBG > Fortnite

      I wonder when it will end.