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  • Bye Nitro Games Catalogue!

    Bye Nitro Games Catalogue!

    This coming October marks one year since we signed the first batch of games to our Nitro Games catalogue. This means next month, it’s time to revisit those annual contracts.

    We learned a lot from all of you over the last year. Through your valuable feedback, it became clear that while we and some of you love these games, the truth is the vast majority of Nitro subscribers didn’t play them.

    So, after careful consideration, we won’t be hitting Continue when these contracts come up for renewal. The Nitro Games catalogue will be removed on October 15th, 2019.

    To those who did support these games, thank you so much. We know this may be a surprising change, so If you want to cancel your Nitro subscription because of this, we’re offering a refund: you can contact our team here. Ok, So What’s Next?

    With this change, we have the resources to refocus. We’re going to double down on making sure Nitro nails its mission: more features, fun, and enhancements for hanging out in Discord with the people you care about. So please keep giving us feedback: here’s where you can tell us what you want to see more of.

    Our $9.99 Nitro plan is in the workshop with a few recent additions and more on the way. A bit ago we added a Server Boost, a way for Nitro subs to support their favorite communities and share their perks with everyone in a server. We recently launched Go Live, a simple way to stream gameplay directly to your friends, and Nitro subs got to try it out early. Moreover, we added 1080p 60fps and Source Go Live streaming to Nitro Classic and Nitro, respectively.

    Today, we’re also launching a doubled upload size of 100mb for Nitro $9.99 subscribers. We’re also working on ways to make your Nitro boost more powerful. To start, we’re reducing the number of boosts needed to reach Level 3 by more than half — from 50 to 20. Heart and Soul

    Back in late 2016, we launched Discord Nitro. For a monthly price, people could support us and get some cool perks for their account. While the nuts and bolts of Nitro have changed since three years ago, the spirit remains the same: keep Discord’s core features free. Nitro features should feel like enhancements to the core Discord experience.

    And that means giving you more. More ways to express yourself and more ways to customize your experience, like uploading your friend’s face, chest, and arms as your own custom Exodia emoji set.
    Can I play Nitro games until October 15th, 2019?
    Yes. Current subscribers will still have access to these games until October 15th, 2019.

    Will this change affect Nitro Game Perks or any games I purchased in
    my library?

    No. Games purchased on Discord and Nitro Game Perks will be unaffected.