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PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X Hardware

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  • PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X Hardware

    PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X Hardware. Kinda surprised but at the end of the day it comes down to the library for me.

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    From a practical standpoint the specs are so close it is not going to make a huge difference.... with the possible exception of the Throughput, but as most devs aim for multiplatform these days you are only going to see that pushed to the fullest on exclusives. So as always it is going to come down to software and who can put out the best exclusive titles.


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      and thats where I think Sony wins (I wish Nintendo would go software)


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        I don't disagree, Sony has a better track record when it comes to exclusives between the two.... and yeah Nintendo could make a fortune if they went third party.


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          I've been predicting that hardware for PS5. There were a lot of rumors that it would have 32 GB of RAM, although. All those predictions are kinda like zodiac sign articles and news. By the way, here is a cancer and virgo article I've discovered few days ago, and it helped me with prediction for some IT news as well, no joke.
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            Which Sony exclusives are you looking forward to?

            Until Dawn aged really quick for me, I'm unsure of the Last of Us 2, it doesn't have that vibe 1 had from previews yet for me. I did like Uncharted but they're done now with that right?

            I checked PS exclusives and they had more than I thought

            The Last Gardian, Shadow of Colossus I forgot about, They could od more with LittleBigPlanet maybe and I assume God of War wont have a new game for awhile.


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              Rumors of a sequel to Spiderman actually intrigues me since they snapped up Insomniac, God of War will come eventually but yeah it might be a bit. Other than that i am kind of taking a wait and see approach in general. But i am interested to see what they do.