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constant registry error what could be the cause?

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  • constant registry error what could be the cause?

    hi there, my problem is that every time I leave my computer for around 3-5 minutes without having any programs running or doing something, my pc crashes and gives me a registry error.
    I am running windows 10. unfortunately, I don't have any recent backups. I don't remember installing anything that day, I only remember clicking the u torrent ad on accident, but it didn't do anything nor did I get any messages from any program or my anti-virus program. thanks for your time ask me to fix registry errors Windows 10 any information if you need it
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    im no IT expert but theres registry cleaners and stuff out there, maybe microsoft has one to give a whirl? if you clicked something as well you might wanna try scanning with malwarebytes or something and see if it picks up anything that may be giving you a headache