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SEGA Games coming to Switch Online!

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  • SEGA Games coming to Switch Online!

    SEGA Games coming to Switch Online as well with online co op support and more titles. Glad the Sega library is going to get uploaded as well too.

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    With Sega Genesis Classics, Im unsure if theres too many other sega games ;o I think its only missing zombies ate my neighbors next door or smash tv


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      Few more sega games added to online - Altered Beast- ToeJam & Earl- Dynamite Headdy- Sword of Vermilion- Thunder Force II


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        Some more Sega games! one reminds me of Gunstar Heroes the other two i dont know.

        Light Crusader
        Super Fantasy
        Zone Alien Soldier


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          Shining Force 2 finally!

          Space Harrier II

          A celebrated launch title for the Genesis / Mega Drive. In this sequel to the popular 3D shoot-em-up, Harrier takes to the skies once more to defend Fantasy Land from a mysterious invader.

          Shining Force II

          The second entry in the popular tactical-RPG series, featuring even more strategic combat. Sir Astral's squire, Bowie, must assemble an army of light from all the world's races to stop evil from overtaking the land.

          Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball

          The world's fastest hedgehog bursts onto the pinball scene in an all-new adventure! In this action pinball game anyone can pick up and enjoy, gather the Chaos Emeralds and save four worlds from Dr. Robotnik.


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            Got all your bases'd

            • Comix Zone
            • MEGA MAN: THE WILY WARS
            • Target Earth
            • Zero Wing


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              Looking forward to Earthworm Jim, dont know the other 2

              Relive some of the iconic games that defined SEGA Genesis. Today, three additional power-packed games have been added to the SEGA Genesis – Nintendo Switch Online library and are playable right now:

              ALISIA DRAGOON
              Beyond Oasis
              Earthworm Jim


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                I used to play this simulator and I think I remember this championship. It took me a long time to become champion, but it was definitely worth it. It's been a few years since then, and now my interests have changed a bit. I started playing Apex because it interested me a lot. I even found a resource where I could get upgrades and character boosters. This has helped me a lot in winning often so I continue to improve my characters and fight other players online.
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