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  • It's Kirby Time Read-Along Series

    "Hey, Kirby! Let's play!" Our story begins beneath a clear, blue sky. The rain has just passed and Kirby is on his way to play with Waddle Dee. They travel to a forest, the sea, and even a secret cave. In their usual, favorite places, they find their usual, favorite friends waiting for them. Discover how Kirby spends his peaceful days in his tiny world in this sweet story.
    A narration of the English localization of It's Kirby Time: Kirby's Tiny World (Book 4), published by Shogakukan. "Art by HYOGONOSUKE Written by Asami Taniguchi

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    They released another one last week! Legend has it that one bite of the mysterious heart fruit will fill your heart with courage. Wishing to try it for himself, Kirby sets out on a journey to do just that. However, he'll have to face many trials and hardships in his quest to find this legendary fruit.


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      Sweet Dreams, Kirby