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    Yo, I'm EverAlert. I'm a speedrunner from Australia who mainly plays Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64. Outside of gaming, I like to study Japanese, although I'm not very good yet. That's about it really. <3


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      I'm a Boy Named Sue, and I've been lurking around LzH for a while, and now with the new IRC server open, I've decided to get more involved in the community. I'm 26 and live on Long Island, New York. I like long walks on the beaches, and strawberries and peaches, and most of all, I'm excited to interact more with the LzH community outside of watching and participating on CarNage64's stream, which is how I found LzH in the first place.

      As for games I'm interested in, I play a large variety of things. Being a child of the 90's, my heart is very much set on the classic Sega Genesis titles I grew up with (I never owned an SNES (because it didn't have blast processing)), but in my later years, emulators have allowed me to go back and enjoy the other great games I missed out on when I was younger. I'm also a fan of a lot of newer games, and my Steam Library is not un-impressive, due to me being a man with a not inconsiderable amount of disposable income and very little willpower when it comes to Steam sales. I love playing multiplayer as well, and if anyone ever feels like a game of Monaco, Civ IV or Crusader Kings 2, feel free to add my gamer tag, 'boynamed_sue', or look me up in the LzH Steam Group.

      Anyway, as I said, glad to be here, and if you all want to chat some time, you can find me on IRC. See you there!


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        Hi everybody, i'm Kanjo, a french speedrunner of Breath of Fire 3 (and Breath of Fire 4 in a near future) on PSX, FFVII on PC and Sonic 2 On Genesis

        I'm 27 and love retro-gaming and i'm working hard to have WR on those game. I'm here after a discution with Carnage and Roymishima about speedrun.


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          hello, I'm cedric522

          hello, I'm cedric522, I have 30 years old. I speedrun thince 1 year. I have WR on god of war 3 (no glitch, new game +, hera's cup actived).


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            Hi, my name is Anders but my alias is adde. I am a 16 year Swede who studies computer engineering.
            I speedrun TLoZ: ALttP, and slowly getting into OoT and SM64.
            I joined Lzuruha back in May, at the start of the speedrun community.
            If you want you can add my steam: n00blink.
            Or follow my stream which will be rather active now when i got my N64, SM64 and OoT cart.
            Well, that's about it. Nice to meet you all!


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              Hello, I'm Fergal, author of The Velcronomicon (terrible joke I know xD). I'm 18 years old from Ireland currently in my final year of school. I speedrun Neverwiner nights and I also hold the World Record in the Single Segment category but I'm also learning to speedrun Starcraft 1/2 and Vagrant Story. I'm pretty new to LzH, only joined about over a month ago.
              Outside of speedrunning I love multiplayer games (TeamFortress, Dota 2, Starcraft 2) as well as storywriting.

              So how is everyone?
              Neverwinter Nights SS WR holder: 1:54:38
              Diablo 2 PB: 3:05:40


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                Welcome <3 I'm doing good, you?


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                  I'm Harley. I'm 20 years old and reside in Missouri, of the good ole' US of A, that is, if you can really call it that. I'm an English Education major with minors in TESOL and Writing. I spend most of my time working or doing homework. I'm one of the people in charge of recruitment for LzH, though I haven't done as much because school and work take up the majority of my time.

                  I just recently started trying to learn the SM64 route to speed run eventually, but my computer is too old and can't handle streaming; I'll get around to it eventually. I don't really have too much else to say. If you have any questions feel free to message me.


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                    Name is Kohppa. Found the stream today on Twitch and I'm watching Carn play FFVII right now.

                    I'm an all-around gamer. I mostly play handheld games, pc games, and PS3 (including PS1 and PS2 games). I love League of Legends and I'm down to play anything (Normal, ranked, 3v3, 5v5, aram) as long as you're not a rager.

                    IGN: Kohppa

                    I'm here to make some gaming friends to talk to throughout the day cause I'm usually at home playing games by myself. Hope to see some of you around and in chat! Bye


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                      Hi everyone, I'm Logeek a French speedrunner of Final Fantasy 7 on PC and i working hard on this game.

                      I'm 28 years old and I'm here after following CarNage and join the crew.

                      PS : Sorry for my english, it's so disastrous


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                        Hi im storehehe and im a speedrunner, I speedrun Super Mario 64 since one year back now. My real name is Gustav and I live in Sweden in a city called Karlstad, on my free time i like to spend time with friends or stream on twitch.

                        I have been a little inactive to the speedrunning community lately but now im back. You can see my broadcasts on

                        I dont have so much more to say, I just wanted to say who I am Thanks for me and have a great time Y'all!
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                          Hey, my name is Jimmy and I live in Michigan, USA. I'm 29 years old. I play a lot of indie PC, NES, and SNES games. I race The Binding of Isaac a lot. I also casually speed run Chip N Dale on the NES and have a whole bunch of other NES/SNES games I'd like to try speed running. I also like playing for high scores in games, especially coin-op arcade games.


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                            Hey everyone, I'm brand spanking new here (if you couldn't tell). I currently speedrun a RPG for the PS1 called Suikoden. A very underrated game and series. I found out about Lzurha from Tamahawk and he led me to CarNage64. So it is thanks to those two gentlemen that I am here now. I look forward to this community and hope everyone keeps on gaming.



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                              Hello it's me ! Neo, 33 years old. I speedrun breath of fire III and final fantasy VII since one month ago.
                              My Personnal Best with Final Fantasy VII is 8h49 and I work to finish Breath of Fire III.
                              My english isn't good but I practice a lot.


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                                I'm Nejasu, New to this place, got here from DrFunkz \o/ i'm from belgium, a 24 year old student in 3D Architecture!

                                In terms of speedrunning, i'm looking into speedrunning Wind Waker HD

                                Hope to be a good addition to this community!