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    so i may as well sell Hi to everyone and introduce myself.
    My Name is Thorim, yes no Joke thats my real Name. In Full it would be Clemens Thorim Bauer^^
    I was born in Berlin now 26 years ago and traveled half the world by now^^
    Games where at my side for almost over 20 years so i think of myself a little bit of an oldschool gamer.
    I came to Lzuruha thanks to Smelipanda who got me finaly into Speedrunning Shining Force 2.
    When i dont play games i usualy listen to Music or annoy my neighbors with my bagpipes.
    Right now im in search for work or rather was since i will be starting in December again to work at an construction side.
    Like my Traveling i did also work alot and right now im a realy colored horse in my eyes but i like it^^
    Heavy Metal and Games, my Life, my Pasion
    Thx that i can be part of the Team



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      Hello! I'm Fatal, I'm 23 years old from Canada. I'm a big video game collector, i don't believe in trading away games so my collection just grows. I have games for nearly every non obscure system. My favorite systems by far, would have to be the PS2, PS1, and all of the handheld nintendo systems (for Portability and awesome game selection).

      I've been speedrunning for about 2 years.

      I have 2 games that I've devoted enough time to, and those are Limbo for PC and LionKing for the Snes. Both games at one point or another I've come close to nabbing the wr. Other than that i Blind Speedrun alot of games, mostly during races via srl.

      Outside of speedrunning, i play World of warcraft On The Arthas and Dragonmaw servers. I have a nearly max level toon of every Class. I'm also a nutcase collector in that since i started in Vanilla. I'm an achievement snob and i love collecting Pets and Mounts.

      I hope we can get along and have a good time!


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        I meant to do this sooner, but I forgot I had an account hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

        Anyways, I'm Laseki, avid game collector and speedrunner of a few too many games.
        I mostly specialize in Megaman X and Sly cooper games which i guess I technically have a world record in Sly cooper 1 for any% all keys, YEAH MEANINGLESS RECORDS.
        Ouside of that I love music and play guitar a lot.


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          Hello everybody, I'm KartSeven, 30 years old, from France. I discovered this site thanks to CarNage64 and all his work on Final Fantasy 7 ; I follow his streams since a few months and as I saw he's a LzH member, I decided to register here.

          I play video games since like... 28 years, and I especially focused on Super Mario Kart, Final Fantasy 7 (Low Level challenges) and Stepmania. Even if I already got 2 WRs by the past (Dragon's Lair on NES, and Pushover on SNES), speedrunning wasn't a category where I spent a lot of time.

          Until I decided to speedrun FF7 3 months ago, in the Single Segment No Slots category. And last week, I managed to get the console World Record. I won't stop right now and I hope CarN and me will be able to improve this WR the most possible.

          This recent speedrun activity is a good opportunity for me to continue on this way. Even if I'll still focus on FF7 in the next weeks, I plan to speedrun more games in the future.

          See ya.
          My Twitch channel :


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            Funny I missed this thread the first time, let me properly introduce myself.

            I'm Dangerless, a speedrunner for well over a year now I started off with simpler games at the time (Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Luigi's Mansion and shortly after Wario World). I didn't know about LzH at all, a fellow by the name of haruspring (Hope I got that right) came into my stream and invited me over and I couldn't refuse his kind offer. I'm a father of three kids (If your curious of my age, I'm only 23 so I was young when I had my first) so I'm often busy but still find plenty of time to stream and share some of the same love with the viewers.

            Since the invite in June and since then I'm pretty happy with the community here and enjoy watching the others stream when I get the chance to watch them. If you happen to run into my stream just remember I'm that Wario guy haha.
            Last edited by Dangerless; 11-19-2013, 03:44 PM.
            Wario Land 4 - 59:49
            Virtual Boy Wario Land Any% - 23:22
            Wario World any% WR - 48:40


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              Hey there. I'm Glazz. I've been in the WoW guild and raiding team for about a month or two by now. I play tons of games such as LoL, WoW, Starcraft and pretty much what I can find on steam. I haven't been a member of this community for long but I can say that I really like it here.

              See ya round.


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                I'm Felisea, 19y Dude
                I'm french so if you understand anything about what I said, that's why.
                I play regularly in League of Legends , Wow and Starcraft II (even if I suck).
                If you want to play with me at any game just add me.

                Lol : Sneamz
                Blizzard : [email protected]


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                  Hey all!

                  My name is Derek, better known as KaizenMa on Twitch. I'm a semi-casual speedrunner, with experience in Ocarina of Time, Super Meat Boy, and Minecraft (LOL).

                  I stream about 3-4 times a week, sometimes speedruns, sometimes casual play (Hearthstone, Spelunky, etc)

                  If anyone wants to help/get help with any games I play, feel free to get a hold of me!
                  "May RNGesus be with you."


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                    I introduce myself I call Anthony, a french doing his studies in medical imaging technologist in belgium, 22 years of age and player of my free time. I started my journey with the gaming Master System from a very young age I keep my nostalgic passion retrogaming and therefore my chain twitch namely to RetroMadnessZone born there about a little less than a year. As its name suggests it is dedicated to retrogamings which is composed of a certain amount speedruns for this reason and with the support of the PaicFamily which is a small friendly community encouraged me to join this "sanctuary" dedicated to SpeedRunner motivated . My goal? Share speedruns quality on games exclusiment type platform to bring my knowledge of games that I and my speedrun joy and good humor to improve the community. Thank you for reading I give you a kiss pony. <3
                    Des poneys, du rétrogaming et des poneys !


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                      26pt2 here from the Bay Area in California. I am a 23 year old guy that enjoys speedrunning console games. I work as a Rehab Tech (similar to a PT aide) and plan on becoming a Physical Therapist. Currently, my main game is The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures on the Nintendo Gamecube. Get hyped for the first official co-op run of that game featured live on my twitch stream!
                      Personal Bests:

                      The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures on the Nintendo GC - notes
                      Any% (single player) - 3:19:57 - PB Video
                      Any% (2P co-op) - 5:30:35 - PB Video

                      The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past & Four Swords on the Nintendo GBA - notes
                      Palace of the Four Swords (OoB, SS) - 44:48 - PB Video
                      Four Swords (2P co-op) - 43:28 - PB Video


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                        Hi! My name is Hetsig, 25 yeard old and love watching and speedrun. I usually watch AGDQ and ESA every year and i love it.
                        Games i like will take too long to post, but mostly it's Final Fantasy Series, Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Kingdom Hearts. I stream sometimes when i have the time! Don't really know what to say more than that ^^.


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                          Hi there! My name is Elbod, and I'm a 23 years old casual Spanish Speedrunner

                          I mainly run RPG's, such as Final Fantasy VII and Alundra, but I also want to run another generes aswell in near future.

                          I used to Stream in Spanish, but I have no problem to talk in English from now on if I join Lzh.
                          I know there is a lot of people who run FF7, that's why I want to run some PSX games besides Final Fantasy, such as Alundra, wich no one is doing it at the moment as far as I know.

                          See you guys ^^


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                            I'm Sweft.

                            My name is Thomas, I'm a French Runner of supper meat boy. My PB is 19: 44 on this game (the WR is 18:30)
                            I will try to speed runs other games soon (I want to train Spyro 2).

                            I here cause Disenchantment Find me on my twich. She invite me to join your comunity and i'm happy to become one of yours.

                            I thinks that's all about me. I hope we'll have some fun together ! BYYYE

                            PS : Sorry if my english is not really good. I'll try to ameliorate it with time.


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                              Hey Guys I'm Chris better known as Dellec on Twitch. I'm a casual speedrunner. I mostly play NES/SNES games and just started to learn Blaster Master on the NES (One of my all time favorites!). Right now I tend to stream Monday nights and most weekend nights. Hoping to have a little more time after the New Year.

                              Cheers all!


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                                I'm Rob/th3schwartz! I'm 26 and from the middle of Canada! Ridiculously cold around this time of year, but warm enough to speedgame :P

                                I know a couple of faces around here and decided to check out the team and hopefully join up

                                My main speedgames are La-Mulana Remake (any%) and LTTP! (any% no S&Q) I'm also familiar with any% for MMX, MMX2 and Super Metroid, all fantastic games. I've been streaming for a couple months now, and hope to expand my broadcasting schedule a little more to get more time in.

                                Looking forward to getting to know everyone!