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  • Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Guess I'll start this off!

    My name is Natasha and i go by the alias Disenchantment, I'm currently 23 and working some side jobs and Lzuruha full time (Forgot to mention I'm french XD). I just been gaming for a little over a year and fell in love with the console side of gaming more than the eSports scene although I do love StarCraft II and Counter-Strike. I just recently started speed running myself and got the world records for Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete and now branching out to other games like Super Metroid, Super Mario World and other classic SNES and RPG games.

    I'm also working in Lzuruha as a head admin in expanding the Lzuruha Speed Running community and do many positions in helping us advance such as contacting new and fresh blood to join us, expand our features to better serve our community, updating our wiki with records, guides and game information and a lot more!

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    I'm Dayle and a long time WoW player. Have a couple of toons but the one I use currently is Taichee the Monk on Sargeras.

    I'm 32 and originally from Far Rockaway NY but currently living in Palm Beach Florida. Thinking of possibly leaving for cooler (temperature wise) areas to reside. I'm a helpdesk dude and been a gamer console and PC from 1988 and still going strong. I own a PS2, PS3, 360, and a crappy PC which I look to replace soon so I can stream too. I am an avid enthusiast of games in the fighting genre with Street Fighter being my favorite series ever. RPG, platformers, and puzzle games come after. I am terrible at FPS and RTS games but willing to learn! My gamertag and PSN ID is Black0wt20 for those who would like to know or maybe play something sometime.

    Nice to meet you all.


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      Alright then, my name is David but on any platform you'll usually see me as ArmorMangus, supermetagross, or Major Tom most commonly but feel free to call me David. I started gaming very young with the SNES, also being from a poor family and being Spanish, which kind of adds to the mix of this, during then I only had one game for it being Kirby Super Star which i still enjoy very much.

      Right now it's pretty much straight PC gaming for me, mostly just Dota 2 at this point, i enjoy any genre of games as long as it can hold me onto the ride. Now kind of diverging from games i really enjoy the Gundam series, no matter which one it is, whether the original, Turn A, G Gundam, Wing, Age, and etc. Back to games i'm also a avid fan of keeping up with eSports ranging from Ti3, WCS, or the finals coming up for LCS i think, mostly i follow the Dota scene though. I also want to mention that i'm a pretty open guy so no question is out of bounds for me, well almost, i enjoy streaming as well now on a more consistent basis, oh and i'm one of the news admins, and i could say specifically for Dota 2.


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        Hi! My name is Marc mostly known as Dezzorad.

        Im A streamer and speedrunner and work in industries in real life. I Speedrun mostly Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64 and i like to play alot of games casually. Im from germany im 19 years old. Im not any Admin or such so i dont even know what big things to tell you guys . Im glad to be in here with some awesome people i met and hope to be a constructive part of the community.

        Greetings Dezzorad


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          I'm Sully, it's not my real name, but a nickname I have had since high school. Most people call me that so feel free to. I am from the wonderful Nova Scotia in Canada, and I am going to university here as well. Doing a BSc hon. Math with second major Econ, and a BA with double major Psych/Math. End goal at the moment is a PhD in pure math. In addition to my studies I am a research assistant for one of my econ profs, tutor through my student union and the accessibility centre for special needs students, and I grade assignments for one of my math profs.

          In my spare time (which is scarce at the moment) I tend to stream, sometimes I voice act the streams, and I occasionally speed run SM64 (but I suck). I am the resident creeper here, it's a title I hold well, so be warned. I'm also your friendly neighbourhood Forum Admin, so I try to make sure everybody posts where they need to post. If you have questions just ask me =). I have 2 math tattoos... so ya, I'm pretty rocking. And I'm also known as the Cher of Twitch... if you hang around my stream you will get the story of that someday. That's me in a nutshell for now anyway. Hope you will all introduce yourselves.

          PS: I didn't realize Tasha was French... that explains so much =P


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            My name is Tim, known as "Wypy". I'm 24 and from Neuss, Germany. Played games my whole life, but got into speedrunning last year and started as a Router/Supporter for Final Fantasy 7. Started streaming earlier this year myself. I run Final Fantasy 6 & 7 and Shining at the Darkness(doing some Isaac casually). Will continue with FFX in the future.

            I myself follow the philosophy "Have fun!" I try to support new streamers and give them some tips and motivation. I like interacting with people who share the same interests, which mwans I try to get to know many gamers/streamers. At home I work in a school and try to help weaker kids with learning. I'm also a scout leader here so working with kids is my thing

            Its really cool meeting you all and getting to know some of you better.
            German Final Fantasy runner and router:
            FF6 Glitchless (PAL PSN) 9:08:32 (Version Record)
            FF7 No Slots (PAL PSN) 11:21:07 (Version Record, very outdated)

            Twitch channel:


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              My name is David Known as Frostblitz20 to everyone online but prefer to be called Frost for short im 20 years old a long time gamer been playing since i was a little kid around the age of 5 where i got my first console the PS1 along whit 2 video games FF7 and Resident evil 1 directors cut. Sadly i'm not as active in real life as i once use to be i use to be leader of a Paintball and Airsoft team here in my home state of Mississippi use to play against the other teams around here on weekends. I myself don't have one type of genre of games i'm attached to i really like all types of games *expect Moba's*. First PC game i ever touch was SC1 brood wars back then i didnt know how to play i was little but i still somehow beat the story missions.

              Now days im busy whit work sadly Still play games, games still comes first in my life * i know its sad* Also into anime such as Attack on titan, Gundam, Bleach, and Ao no Exorcist. Your mostly see me chilling on the Xbox or on a MMO like *WoW or FF14* where i am a Co leader on WoW on the richest guild on my server *Khaz Modan*. I'm always up for playing whit anyone on any platform and soon to be starting to stream normally since i know a few peeps saw my almost a hour long test stream of Resident evil CVX i plan to start my speed runs soon! Also i'm always up for a challenge ill even do runs of games blind folded or on extreme/pro modes whit only basic weapons such as knifes or Just about anything.
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                My name is Jordan but I go by Elderfro, Blackeness, Afroking or just about anything with Afro or Afro for short. I have been practicing Afroism for about 8 years #frolife. I am from Philly, PA and I will always tell you what I think and or feel about anything if asked. I love to debate and listen to all kinds of music. Some of my favorite artist or bands are Rush, Kid Cudi, DMX, Common, Gang Starr, and Chevelle.

                I have been gaming since I am 4 and playing games online since I am 10. I matured fast on the scene going to gaming places/cafes with people 10 to 20 years older than me. I starting with DAOC and WoW since it has begun. I play almost every game or have, but now mainly try to be the best Enhancement Shaman I can be in WoW/ Challenger of Bronze in League of Legends. I consider myself a Guru on WoW and can help anyone with almost anything relating to so. I am the current Raid Leader/ Main Recruitment Officer in the Lzuruha Alliance Guild.
                I am currently taking classes online and plan to go for a Business Degree.

                Always on skype if needed
                Afroking LoL
                Battletag Elderfro#1453


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                  god everyones got such big intros, Im Tommy I was ex Competitive CS player now Speedrunner I love you all Idk relaly what to put im not that interesting of a guy <3 u all thanks for being my friends


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                    Hi, I'm SilSol. Infamous in League of Legends in season 1 and 2 for running a hyper aggressive playstyle while running heal + ignite. Which got me ranked 1 on the ladder. But also made me quite hated by the high elo community cause of it.

                    I was born in Russia, Novosibirsk. Live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States currently.
                    I can speak Russian, German, and English. English being my weakest.

                    Games i play as of now:

                    League of Legends: I have 4 accounts in NA, Plat 3, Plat 2, Plat 4, Diamond 1. I stream solo que mainly. Working on getting a team.
                    Kotor 1: I speed run Kotor, 100% and No Geno/ No Char. I'll be working on any% soon though.
                    Swtor: I started playing this with a fellow LzH member (Dampylle). Stream this pretty often also, In a guild with him.

                    Don't know what else to say to be honest. So, I'll edit this later when i do. <3 ty


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                      Im Stupca and I am a young runner. I am 15 years old and I speedrun super metroid and FF6 glitchless. I live in Minnesota, America, so we get the American spirt plus the Canadian sports/weather.I consider myself to be a nice person, and anyone would be welcome in my stream. My user name is RCFstupca, which means Ramen Chicken Flavor Stupca XD. Hope to see some people soon!! P.S.
                      XBLA account: Stupca
                      I play Fighting games too
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                        Hello everyone my name is Michael or better known as Abschatten here in Lzuruha, my position is Chief Operations Officer which pretty much means I run the E-sports side of things, I started off in Lzuruha Gaming back in 2010 as a rogue raiding with Lzuruha on Stormreaver US and once I found out about how Lzuruha was actually bigger than just WoW I asked for a position to start being a forum admin, after that thanks to Jarrett and Natsumi I was given the chance to be the FPS manager, then after a while I was promoted to C.O.O of Lzuruha.

                        The first memories I can really think of are when I was a small child playing the N64 on GoldenEye, Mario 64, Super Smash bro's, Star Fox, Star Wars, ect ect. (Which is probably a good thing thats all I remember from those days) My mother bought me the Original Xbox back in 2001 when I was living with my father and with it came the game Halo: Combat Evolved...That there really cemented my love for gaming and FPS shooters in general. Once I moved back to my mothers my friends and I would always play Halo, the memories of throwing LAN parties at my mother's house are one's I am very fond of. Around 2004 I picked up Battlefield 2 and World Of Warcraft which sent me on two paths all at the same time, I started playing BF2 competitively and WoW as a passion. The time I really fell in love with WoW was in 2007/2008 when I was raiding with a guild These days now I've been playing a variety of games, DOTA 2, WoW (Healing on Sargeras!), DayZ, Arma 2, Arma 3, GTA5 on PS3 and the odd Halo game here and there (love the games and the stories...books are totally worth a read!). Gaming is something that has kept me sane throughout the years and now its really a love of mine. With Lzuruha I've found a whole new family that makes me feel at home within a community. To say I love Lzuruha Gaming just doesn't touch it.

                        Outside of gaming I am a sophomore in college that is currently studying Information Security at G.R.C.C in Grand Rapids Michigan. On the side I enjoy driving my car, motorcycle, paintballing (I played semi-professional paintball from my sophomore to junior years of high school in Chicago) snowboarding, and just messing about. Working on my car is another passion of mine, my father and I have together built the car up together, Stage 2+, Koni inserts, RCE racing springs, Group N tophats rear, Whiteline C tops front. If I have the extra cash now that college is nice and expensive there will be a new turbo going in my 2007 WRX. I also enjoy long walks on the beach at the sunset, and the gym. becuaseiliftbro.

                        You can find me on Steam at Paintballer2o1, you can find me on Origin at Abschatten. XBL AnE1337IstJerk, PSN Au070-Red-Dragon/Abschaten

                        -See you starside


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                          Hello everyone you call can call me x10power or Nick. I am soon to be taking a new role in Lzuruha which I want to build some hype for to get some practice for the role. I will make a formal thread when everything on my end is ready to explode. Besides my new role here I work full time as a manager at a Taco Bell which has it benefits and disbenefits but overall I love it. I hope I am able to serve you all well and let the gaming talk commence.

                          Okay games in general I prefer to play anything besides Sport and Racing games. For Speedrunning I mostly do Platformers and Role Playing Games like Super Mario World and Legend of Dragoon Disk Segments. I do play League of Legends casually but if you are interested I am in Bronze Division IV and I am going to keep it that way since I don't care lol. I am extremely proud of my Snes collection I have of now 102 games and growing each year. If you are interested in finding me via this and that just look below

                          Wii U: x10power
                          Stream: x10power
                          Twitch: x10power
                          Youtube: x10power
                          If you get at least the amount you put into it then go ahead. Otherwise I suggest you don't do it.


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                            Morning/afternoon name is HawkEye just wanted to stop by and say hello. I come from watching a fellow streamer on twitch and wanted to know more about the community


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                              Hey~ My name is Kari Fortier and i'm a french canadian that lives in nova scotia and i been with Lzuruha for a few years now. I'm also a pretty high ranked manager in the team and enjoy all sorts of games. LoL, Minecraft, Super Metroid, pretty much any games you can really think of i enjoy or willing to tryout.

                              Other than that, if anyone needs help with anything Lzuruha or wanna game sometime, hit me up and lets see if we can play sometime! Oh and for those who know Disenchantment, me and her are friends IRL and yes I have all the dirt on her! D: