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  • Masters of Physiotherapy Question

    I have a question for anyone who has applied, or been accepted to the masters of physical therapy program.

    My plan is to apply into my Masters of Physical Therapy, and I am applying at schools all over Canada this fall (I am almost done my undergrad).

    I took an anatomy class over the summer and I honestly really struggled with it, and I’m feeling defeated. I found it hard to remember muscle insertions and origins, and nerve supplies etc.. It makes me feel super defeated because that will be important for the best physiotherapy edmonton​ school... I have a decent overall GPA, and my final anatomy grade wasn’t horrible, but I definitely want that knowledge improved.

    Has anyone taken any additional courses or workshops that helped them solidify anatomy for them? Or have any tips in general at all?

    I’d be willing to pay for an intensive course or take workshops to strengthen my knowledge in anatomy, and I thought maybe someone would know some ideas. I have even thought about doing my personal training certification just for that additional knowledge and experience for prescribing exercises and getting more anatomy knowledge.

    Thanks for reading my post!