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  • Emote Reward Slots?

    Never knew this was a thing CarNage64 ?

    To strengthen the bond between your channel and community, your viewers have the opportunity to unlock special emotes when they reach certain Bits Reward Tiers. Once an emote slot is unlocked, viewers can use the emote in that slot anywhere on Twitch, just like any other standard subscriber emote.

    Emote slots are available beginning at the 1,000 Bits Reward tier. To get you started, the first 3 emote slots are automatically unlocked for you:
    • 1,000 Bits Reward Tier
    • 5,000 Bits Reward Tier
    • 10,000 Bits Reward Tier

    If higher Bits Reward tiers have been achieved in your channel these emote slots will also be unlocked, as will the slot for the next highest tier. Your community will progressively unlock emote slots as new Bits Reward tiers are reached.

    You can upload new, custom emotes into these slots or re-use existing subscriber emotes - remember that emote names are unique so the artwork can be the same but you may need to choose a different emote name. Once a slot is unlocked you can also change the emote in that slot at any time. When you change an emote reward, viewers at that tier will lose access to the original emote and be rewarded with the new emote.