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  • Favorite Final Fantasy Game Ever

    Hey guys please take a moment and post what your Favorite FF game is and the reasons why!

    Mine is obviously FF7 the reasons being is it was my first so I have a little bias for it, but I love most of the characters the story is intriguing music amazing and the world design is very cool so those are the main reasons why it is my favorite!

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    This is not that easy to answer, since favorite FF game can mean many different things, and have many different answers : favorite game to play, favorite game to watch played casually, favorite game to watch as a speedrun (which can differ between categories)

    My favorite game to play myself casually is definitely 10. The sphere grid system is really cool, since you can make any character whatever you want, especially with the expert grid. I also love the many different superbosses the game has, and the plethora of side quests.

    My favorite FF speedrun to watch is the FF 7 master run (you might have heard of that one carnage, some weird guy on twitch does them :P) I like it since you have to do so many different things, amd sicne it leaves out certain parts thatare not very interesting to watch and replaces them with way more fun stuff to watch.

    My favorite game to watch casually : also 10 The FMV's are so gorgeous, the character development leaves so much room that they might do something you have never seen before with the characters, plus I know the game really well, and so it is fun to talk about it in chat, like discuss the intricacies of the ore with other fans, exchange cool strats that are just fun to pull off, and there rae so many casual challenge runs, like the no sphere grid, the no mix and all the others. So it offers a ton of variety and replay-ability / rewatch-ability.

    My favorite any% : FF 9 since it almost always a real rolercoster, which makes it very exiting to watch. Any split might create a huge time loss or time gain, and until very far into the run you can never tell if it is a shit show at the end or a new pb. Like the runner could be 4 minutes behind 2 hours in, and stil has very realistic chances to PB, or he could be 6 minutes ahead and never finish or lose so much time it is no longer worth it. Plus there are also many fights that can go wrong, whcih always makes for an exciting run.

    My favorite special (by special I mean categories unique to that title) category run : FF 12 order of ambrosia I simply love long runs, and this one shows you A LOT of the game (for example you have to explore every corner o the map fully)

    Favorite non main series game : FF Tactics It is a fun concept for a game, and I like turn based strategy a lot.

    @Carn you asked who daft wulli is(and we talked a bit about it and discworld in general in chat), my avatar shows daft wulli, so you have an idea how a Nac Mac Feegle looks like. They are only 5cm-7cm big, but very strong, 4 of them could steal a cow by each taking one leg and running off with it. They where part of the fairy kingdom but where thrown out for drinking, and fighting, and drinking, and stealing, and drinking, and being a nuisance, and drinking. Big Yan, the biggest of the Feegle even KO'd a bull once, by grabing both horns and giving him one headbutt after another till it keeled over. He looked like an angry blue woodpecker doing it. Discworld humor is very British and very funny.
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      My favourite FF game is The Legend of Dragoon.... *micdrop*
      "A pro isn't someone who sacrifices himself for his job. That's just a fool." (Reno - FFVII)


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        I would say FF7, but the FF game that is my favorite so far is 4. The story made it really interesting, starting you off with the "Are we the baddies?" to the "I am the hero!"


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          I think ff9 and 10 are a tie for my favorite. 9 due to nostaglia reasons + the chocobo game is just the best. I love the systems of unlocking abilities fro mweapons and the enemies leveling up with you. its just a well designed game. honestly i hated the cartoony graphics when i was younger but now i love them.

          ffx is an overall amazing game, but its so streamlined. predecessor to the railroads that are 13 and even 15. i probably have more hours into 10 than any other though so it is definitely still a favorite.


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            haha very great responses so far guys thanks and thank you daft i was wondering haha xD


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              There is only FF6.


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                For my choice I have to pick Final Fantasy V!

                Lovable Characters
                Serious Story with Funny Moments
                Main Character is named Butz or Bartz depending of version being played!
                Extremely good Job System
                Clever Boss Fights
                You can kill with MATH (depending on version)

                If you get at least the amount you put into it then go ahead. Otherwise I suggest you don't do it.


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                  I'm a little late on this post but Final Fantasy 7 is my favorite game of all time.
                  I was 12/13 years old when it came out, I remember thinking the cover looked cool, all the gaming magazines (one that i still own today) so i talked my parents into buying the game. When i first started the game i was hooked by the amazing graphics, no game out had cinematic graphics like this game! I loved everything about the game, especially the music. The music made you immerse yourself deeper into the story. I really took my time in the game, i don't think I got out of Midgar till after 20 hours. To get a little personal here, this game helped me out a lot. Just after I got this game my parents started to get a divorce and i drowned myself into the game even more. It helped me ignore what was going on around me and got me through it, so this game means a little more to me than just a game as you can see. The best thing is I don't have to play the game much anymore because CarNage64 is playing it all the time