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Final Fantasy VII Playthrough

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  • Final Fantasy VII Playthrough

    Final Fantasy VII Playthrough Part 1:

    Begin the start and get out of Midgar alive... If only I didn't map the Square and Select button wrong which made the biking and a few other things difficult! Should have it fixed for the next part!

    Part 2:

    Leave Kalm and begun my journey outside of Midgar. Overall it went much smoother with the proper inputs now but ran into a few issues on the parade and some very weird glitches happening after coral reactor where cloud turned into a giant. Finally I got the the Gold Saucer and had a little fun before having some hiccups with Dyne pwning me, I call it there.

    Part 3:

    We continue after a long hiatus! Starting up again from finally getting free from Coral Prison. I now head on with the story picking up both Vincent and Yuffie along the way before doing the Wutai story with the Turks then grind a bit of levels since I felt pretty weak. I now have Cid in my party and the Tiny Bronco too! We're all set for heading towards Demon Gate now for part 4!

    Part 4:

    We pick back off right infront of the Temple to take on Demon Gate and continue with the large part of the story. Decided to meme the 100%'ers and see how quick I could get Earth Mallet then begun knocking out each huge materia reactor with Junon/Carry armor being left for the next playthrough. The game has picked up a lot more pace now that I finally have the airship! Still haven't decided if i'm going to get Knights of the Round or just beat the game in the next play.

    The entire playthrough should finish up soon!