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  • Squad Officer Enquiries

    Can you please tell me how Officers of a squad see Officer Forums without being involved in the community?

    We have two officers right now not involved in any role that gives them admin rights on forums and will have more shortly as we are preparing to push content.


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    um who? that doesn't even make sense


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      ok to simplify.

      Akprime13 (Leshil)
      Armitas (Stratacaster)

      are not Admins of this forum community but are Leaders/Officers in our Rift Guild.

      We are about to promote more Officers in game however they also are not Admins of this forum so cannot see the Officer section of Rift that presently only myself, Bedea, Espionage (now an Officer) & Tonaga (no longer an Officer) can see because we have administrative duties with you & our Lzuruha community.

      Rift Officer Forum.

      There needs to be access for members who are Officers in the specific game they play to Officer Forums-one more tiny click box under "User Group Options" that says Officer Member Rift (or w/e game). I looked at the way we have it to see if I could format something without messing anything else up or giving permissions that give too much access to Administration. No can do.

      Drink more coffee :P
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        Thanks I have been informed from a new Officer that they have a password authorization available now.

        Can you please private message me the password and how to make this amendment for future reference as well as the password?

        The original password for this authorization that was given to me for is not valid.
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          ill reset it for you next time we talk in vent