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    Ok so first game will be a one off with Sparte as DM, me Reno x10power taylord and locq on March 18th at 2:30 pm PST to get a feel for it all are welcome to watch and participate in the future ones


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      Twitch Name: Welcome_To_The_Machine
      Time Available: Most evenings. Only difficult nights are Wed & Fri between 8-11
      Experience with D&D: Solid year under the belt.
      Able to capture video and audio of self: Audio for sure, might need recommendations for video (i have mac camera)


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        Twitch Name: MadManMcCarty
        Previous Names: one and only / One - Man - Party

        Experience with DnD: I was introduced to the game in highschool, didn't get serious until August 2013. Started DMing in last couple of years. Had a tueTues group, and a Wednesday Group but no longer do either of them.

        Able to use Audio / Video: Yes.


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          Twitch Name: MadManMcCarty
          Previous Twitch Name: oneand0nly / one_man_party

          Experience with DnD: Was introduced to DnD in high school but then didn't really get involved with the game until September / October of 2013 and then by September of 2015 was when I had ran my first DnD game with schoolmates at a local community college then ran my 1st game at a game store by April of 2016. By November of 2018, I had to stop DMing due to traveling issues to the game stores.

          Availability: Wednesday night, Friday night, Sunday night are my best days for DnD.

          Able to do Audio and Video: Yes, I have a headset and laptop computer camera.


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            Twitch Name: zooperz (pic is of spaghetti, for confirmation)
            Time Available: Anything, except monday evenings, all day tuesday, and all day saterday.
            Experience with D&D: Playing for about three years, mainly 2e. But I am familiar with 5e.
            Able to capture video and audio of self: Yes

            I'm pretty low priority, this sounds fun; but if there's too many people, I don't mind getting the cut. I already play once a week.


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              Twitch Name: Arithium1
              Time Available: Any time during the weekends or after 5pm cst on weekdays
              Experience with D&D: None
              Able to capture video and audio of self: Yes

              Would prefer to see how one plays out before I join so I don't make a fool of myself.


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                Friday Evening looks the best so far for everyone


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                  Twitch Name: The_TayLord
                  Time Available: nothing solid. If I have to work I’m either home by 3:30pst or 8:30pst. Once things get settled again I can ask for specific days off ahead of time. Hopefully.
                  Experience with D&D: off and on casually over several years
                  Able to capture video and audio of self: yeah sure